SFV: Guile Release and April Update Details

Guile, one of the most iconic characters in franchise history, is reporting for duty in Street Fighter V starting tomorrow at 7PM PT! He retains his classic fighting style that allows him to keep his opponents at bay with Sonic Booms and Somersault Kicks while adding a handful of new weapons to his arsenal through the Variable System.

Other big ticket items such as the Air Force Base and the introduction of our "Rage Quit" penalty system are also part of this April update.  Hit the jump for the full rundown.

Just like Alex, Guile will be available for FREE to all players until the in-game shop that uses real currency is launched.  Once the shop launches, the free trial period for these characters will end and players will have to use Fight Money or real currency to purchase them.

Joining Guile’s release is the first new stage to be added to Street Fighter V post launch. Guile’s Air Force Base returns with a shiny new jet, a next-gen boom box and some familiar background characters that fans may recognize from their Street Fighter II days. This stage is available beginning today in the In-Game Shop for 70,000 Fight Money. Season Pass holders will receive this stage for free as a thank you for their continued support of Street Fighter V .

Also included in this Street Fighter V update is the first implementation of a system to punish players who frequently disconnect during matches (aka 'rage quitters'). The system will continue to be refined over time and more enhancements will be implemented in the future. Additionally, a number of improvements to the matchmaking system have been made, which speeds up the time it takes to find an opponent and simplifies the process of creating and connecting to Battle Lounges.

Lastly, there are a few bug fixes involving certain moves and scenarios that have not been behaving as intended. These have been fixed in the April update.

Ryu/M. Bison/Vega(no claw)

Bug: After dishing out Ryu & Vega's (no claw) C. LP or M. Bisions C. LK, while doing a light attack rapid cancel at the absolite latest timing possible, if you input another action (V-Skill, Special Move, etc.) at the same time, if the opponent does an attack the "other action" will come out, and when the opponent does nothing, the rapid cancel attack will come out, creating a special option select.

Fix: Made the rapid cancel timing  of said moves 1F shorter.


Bug: In the guard animation branch of  Ryu's C. HK, there was a counter box that was present up to the 13th frame. Therefore, during this time it was possible to eat counter damage.

Fix: Adjusted the counter box on Ryu's C. HK so that it is no longer present afterter the hitbox is not longer active.


Bug: In Ken's C. LP (including rapid cancels), for the 3 frames that it takes for the hitbox to become active, there wasn't a crouching state set to the move. This allowed moves that are only intended to hit standing opponents to hit Ken. 

Fix: Adjusted the first 3 frames of Ken's C. LP (including rapid cancels) so that Ken is in crouching state.

Bug: In Ken's M. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, the feint box that causes the opponent to go into a guarding standby state was not functioning correctly. The V-Trigger M. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku also caused the same phenomenon.

Fix: Corrected the feint box on Ken's M. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku so that it functions correctly, forcing the opponent to guard when used from a certain distance.

Bug: When a portion of Ken's EX Shoryuken (V-Trigger ver. included) hits as a ground counter hit, the hit real animation of the opponent continues when knocked into the air, which is an unnatural behavior.

Fix: Adjusted that specific portion of the EX Shoryuken (V-Trigger ver. included) so that when it hits as grounded counter hit, the correct knock up mottion occurs.


Bug: In Chun-Li's EX Hyakuretsukyaku, after the moves has completely ended (freeze state finished), she was unable to perform mobility actions (move forward/back or jump).  

Fix: Adjusted EX Hyakuretsukyaku so that she is moveable after the move has completely ended.

Bug: In Chun-Li's J. MP, she can follow up with Yosokyaku to EX Airborne Hyakuretsukyaku on counter hit.

(There is an unintentional difference between the number of continuous airborne hit limiter values between when this hits as a normal and and when it hits as a counter hit)

Fix: Adjusted  the juggle potential of Chun-Li's J. MP so that it is the same whether or not it is a normal hit or a counter hit.


Bug: Cammy's S. HK's hit box is no longer active, she was throw invincible.

Fix: Added a throw box to Cammy's S. HK & Lift Combination while the move is active.

Bug: While Cammy's EX Razer Edge Slicer is active, she was throw invincible. 

Fix: Added a throw box to Cammy's EX Razer Edge Slicer while it is active.


Bug: During C. MK, Dhalsim was throw invincible.

Fix: Added a throw box to Dhalsim's C. MK.


Bug: When the fourth hit of Karin's EX Mujinkyaku hits an airborne opponent, the opponent's float is differed from when it is a normal hit and when it is a counter hit.

Fix: Made it so that the 4th hit of EX Mujinkyaku would cause the same float on counter hit as it does on normal hit.

Bug: There were 2 bugs in Karin's EX Ressenha. 

â‘ When the second hit hits as a counter hit, the opponents Critical Gauge increase would be "0"
â‘¡On counter hit, EX Ressenha's starting juggle potential would be "0" for each hit.

Fix: Adjusted EX Ressenha on counter so that the opponent's gauge increase and starting juggle potential are the same as when it is a normal hit.


Bug: Under specific circumstances, how S. MP hits changes from when on the right corner or on the left corner.

Fix: Expanded S. MP's hit box downward so that the move yields the same results in both corners.


Bug: When rapid canceling Necalli's C. LP during V-Trigger, the advantage after hit would be plus 1F more than the normal version.

Fix: Unified Necalli's V-Trigger C. LP to the normal version.

M. Bison

Bug: When throwing an oponent with Psycho Fall, depending on M. Bison's position and the side he is facing, the distance the opponent is thrown greatly changes, which was unintended.

Fix: Adjusted the behavior of Pyscho Fall so that the distance the opponent is thrown is fixed.

Bug: When M. Bison takes damage in the middle of performing and EX Double Knee press, the opposing character's behavior would be irregular after the hit.

Fix: Changed the behavior after hit on the EX Double Knee Press.

R. Mika

Bug: In R. Mika's C. HK, there wasn't a throw box in place.. Even though the move is visually performed on the ground, it was throw invincible. 

Fix: Added a throw box to R. Mika's C. HK while the move is active.


Bug: The the time frame of the stop theatrics applied to an opponent hit by Sledge Hammer differs from when Sledge Hammer is used on its own and when it is used in a combo canceling from another move. Due to this, the circumstances are different after Sledge Hammer hits as part of a combo.

Fix: Made it so that the time frame of the stop theatrics of the Sledge Hammer (when cancled into) is the same as when it is used on its own.

Need a full rundown of Guile? Check out the Guile announcement post here which includes his moves and his new stage with screenshots! You can also watch his trailer on our YouTube Channel.

Please note that in preparation for the Guile update we will be taking down the  Street Fighter V servers for maintenance starting at 8AM PT until 6PM PT. Additionally, you can follow @SFVServer on Twitter for the latest server status updates.

That's it for today! As always, follow us on Twitter @StreetFighter for the latest news and updates! 

Red Bull Kumite This Weekend

Red Bull is inviting 14 legendary players to compete this weekend at the Red Bull Kumite in Street Fighter V! Players include Daigo, Luffy, Infiltration, Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, Keoma and more! To fill in the remaining two spots there will be an open qualifier Saturday. The open qualifier stream will take place at 2AM PT on Saturday with the Red Bull Kumite invitational starting at 5am PST on Sunday which include the players below and the two winners of the open qualifier tournament!


Follow Red Bull Esports on Twitch to see when they go live and watch the action all weekend! Additional information about the players and how you can enter the open qualifier yourself can found on the Red Bull Kumite website .


Legendary fighters include:

            Daigo                          Luffy

            Bonchan                     Tokido            

            Snake Eyez                 Infiltration      

            Keoma                        Kazunoko

            Alioune                        Xian

            Poongko                      Momochi

            Gamerbee                   Justin Wong

Capcom at PAX East 2016

This year is just flying by, isn’t it? Spring is in full swing, and that means it’s time for PAX East to open their doors at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Booth #3117) starting this Friday, April 22 nd , for three full days of gaming goodness!

With Monster Hunter Generations just announced, Capcom will be there with demos for new hunters and series veterans alike. Umbrella Corps brings intense three vs. three matches along for the ride with demos of the recently announced Multi-Match Mode, and Street Fighter V takes it to the street – well, the show floor – for you to test your fighting game skills against other show goers. And, as always, the Capcom Store will be there with plenty of great stuff for sale!

Games and Demos (Booth # 3117)

  • Monster Hunter Generations – Get your paws on the latest in the aptly-named series about, well, hunting monsters! Hunt alone or join with others to take down familiar and new monsters, while celebrating the series’ history through re-imagined locations and villages. Choose from four Hunting Styles that change the way you play, from the traditional Guild Style, to the high-flying Aerial Style, and more. Also, try out the new Hunter Arts that can completely change the tide of battle and the way you use familiar weapons to hunt beasts both great and small. Single player and multiplayer stations will be available for solo and group hunters alike!
  • Umbrella Corps – The fast-paced shooter set in Resident Evil environments will be on display, with three vs. three high-intensity, close-quarter matches of the recently announced Multi-Match Mode. Unleash brutal takedowns with the Brainer melee axe, take a tactical approach by destroying your opponent’s Zombie Jammer, and work with your squad to survive both the undead hordes and the enemy team’s onslaught to come out on top! We’ll have daily tournaments, so get your own corps together for a shot at some great prizes!
  • Street Fighter V – Rise up in Street Fighter V! Casual play will be available throughout the day, delivering all the ambience and noise of the old school days at your local mall or pizza place’s arcade without needing to put a quarter up on the machine first. Haven’t been keeping up with Street Fighter? No worries - familiar faces meet the flying fists of four new fearsome fighters, so no matter your style, you’re sure to find the answer in the heart of battle.

  Capcom Store

The Capcom Store is always a great place to grab the latest and greatest gear, and this year’s PAX East will be no exception! They’ll have some special offers and rare items as well, including:

Monster Hunter T-shirts
A limited amount of t-shirts featuring the iconic stylings of Brachydios, Rathalos, Zinogre, and Poogie will be available in limited sizes – once they’re gone, they’re gone , so make sure you grab one right away!

Monster Hunter Series 1 Pin Set and Lanyards
These pins and lanyards are always popular, displaying Palicoes in their monster-themed armor, and an extremely limited amount will be available at PAX East! This may be the last show they’re offered at, so if you’re interested, make sure you’re there early!

Ryu and Shadaloo T-shirts
Now this is a special – no EX meter required! The store will be offering a set of both Ryu and Shadaloo t-shirts, 2 for $15. The Ryu tees feature the iconic fighter with his arms crossed, ready for battle, while the Shadaloo tee (a personal favorite of mine) is emblazoned with the winged skull Shadaloo logo. Even evil organizations have appearances to keep up.

Udon Art Books
A selection of Udon’s art books, covering all things Capcom, will be available for up to 50% off. It’s a good time to stock up on some amazing art.

Mad Catz Chun-Li Fight Stick
No longer available through Mad Catz or retailers at MSRP, these limited-run fight sticks are sure to be gone in a flash (of lightning legs). Don’t miss out!

There’s plenty to do at the Capcom booth, so if you’re going to be at PAX East, come say hello and don’t miss out!

SFV: Official Guile Trailer

Yesterday we announced the return of Guile along with information on what to expect from the April update but now it’s time to see the iconic character in motion!

Watch him take Sonic Booms to the next level by filling the screen with his V-Trigger, Solid Puncher or paving the way for his attacks by fusing his Sonic Boom with his V-Skill, Sonic Blade. There are plenty of new additions to his fight style that you’ll likely notice in this trailer as well,  so check it out and let us know what you think!

Remember, Guile will be available for FREE to all users until the Zenny shop launches and Season Pass holders will receive the Air Force Stage for free as a thank you for supporting Street Fighter V.

Guile Joins Street Fighter V and April Update News

What’s up World Warriors!

We have a ton of new details to share with you today surrounding the next update for Street Fighter V, including the return of Guile along with his classic stage and some additional improvements to the online experience. Hit the jump for more details!




Check out more Guile screenshots at our Facebook page!


Guile is certainly one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters as he was one of the original eight World Warriors in Street Fighter II. His connection to Charlie Nash was revealed in his Street Fighter II ending as he prepares to finish off M. Bison once and for all for killing his friend and mentor but is stopped at the last moment by his wife Jane.



It wasn’t until Street Fighter Alpha 3 however where we learn more details about Guile’s search for Nash who had gone missing during a secret mission.  While Guile eventually found Nash at the Shadaloo base, their reunion was short lived as Nash held off M. Bison to allow Guile to escape and was the last time he saw the man who taught him how to throw Sonic Booms.



In Street Fighter IV, Guile’s search for Nash continues as his body was never recovered, and while unsuccessful in finding him, he does run into French MMA fighter Abel who is familiar with Guile’s fighting style. Guile knowing that Nash is the only other fighter that uses Sonic Booms presses Abel for more answers but is unable to get any new information.


While Guile has had a major role in most of the mainline Street Fighter games, he has also appeared in countless crossover titles such as Street Fighter x Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom series and Capcom vs SNK 2 .



Guile will be available for free later this month to all players until the Zenny shop launches and will receive his own set of Trials and Character Story. His Battle Costume will be available for free to all Season Pass holders as well.




In Street Fighter V , Guile retains his ability to dominate both the ground and air with his solid normal attacks and special moves, such as Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick. He also now has the ability to enter a crouch walk state called Faultless Move which allows him to keep his charge while moving forward, giving him even more options in his kit to keep his opponents in line. Guile is a great choice for those of you who are looking for a charge character who can easily control the pace of the match.




V-Skill: Sonic Blade


Guile spins up sonic energy to create a Sonic Blade which acts as a stationary projectile that can also juice up his Sonic Booms. Sonic Blade can really help Guile pressure opponents on their wake-up or help him win projectile battles as it increases Sonic Boom durability!




V-Trigger: Solid Puncher


Guile powers up and tosses out continuous Sonic Booms! Each button throws a Sonic Boom at a different speed, so mixing up between buttons can create interesting Sonic Boom sequences. Depending on the sequence used, this can act as a great combo extender, be used to overwhelm opponents or easily push his opponents to the corner.


Critical Art: Sonic Hurricane


Guile’s most devastating attack, the Sonic Hurricane! Guile powers up and hits his opponent with a massive, multi-hit Sonic Boom. This Critical Art receives a damage and range boost while his V-Trigger is active.





We’re also excited to announce our first DLC stage, which is a classic that you all know and love: Guile’s Air Force Base! The jet receives a new coat of paint and you’ll probably recognize some familiar faces cheering you on in the background. This stage will be available in the Shop for 70,000FM. Season Pass holders will receive this stage for free as a thank you for supporting Street Fighter V .




We’re also happy to announce that we will be implementing a system to punish players who frequently disconnect during matches (aka rage quitters).

The way this will work is the system will identify players who have high disconnect rates during matches and will lock them out of matchmaking for a period of time. Players who have been identified as abusing the system will receive an in-game message notifying them they have been locked out of matchmaking. More additions and enhancements to this system will be implemented in the future.




We will also be making a number of improvements to Street Fighter V’s matchmaking. Many users should have an easier time creating and connecting to Battle Lounges and we are also loosening the restrictions on finding an opponent. We know users in Europe and other parts of the world have experienced some issues finding opponents and this should help increase the amount of battles coming their way.


That’s it for today! We’ll have details on the release date of the April update very soon so follow @StreetFighter for the latest news!

Tito Ortiz streaming SFV live on Twitch tomorrow

Even if you’re not familiar with Tito Ortiz, you’ve undoubtedly heard his name in passing – an unstoppable force of MMA, Ortiz will be trying out a different kind of fighting tomorrow night with none other than Street Fighter V! Featuring special guests from the LA Kiss Dance team, Ortiz will be streaming LIVE for the first time on Twitch, inviting viewers and fans to fight against him outside of the octagon and on the stream, as well as giving out some incredible prizes!

Wanna get ahead of everyone else? Make sure your PS4 or PC and SFV is ready at 6:30pm PST, and follow Ortiz at twitch.tv/titoortiz !

Makers & Gamers brings a legendary player and a legendary franchise together

What happens when two legends of Street Fighter meet? Working with PlayStation, Lucy Walker brings us a documentary on two major figures of the storied franchise – Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis, regarded as one of the best Zangief players in the world, and Yoshinori Ono, Executive Producer of Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. The documentary explores both what it takes to play a game and what it takes to make a game, and the ever-changing relationship between the two. It’s well worth your time, so if you’ve got a few minutes, check it out!

SFV: Alex and In-Game Shop Available Today

What’s up World Warriors!

Hope you all have been enjoying 8-player lobbies, the rematch option and all the other cool features included in Monday’s patch! As promised, we have another content drop today that includes everyone’s favorite Power Bombin’, Flash Choppin’ street grappler Alex! The Fight Money In-Game Shop also launches today which will allow you to purchase Story Mode costumes and other items as well. Hit the jump for more details.

The In-Game Shop for earned currency (aka Fight Money) will let you spend your hard earned Fight Money to purchase extra game content, such as new characters (100,000 FM each) and Story Mode Costumes (40,000 FM each). Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien will be releasing later this year and each will have a Story Mode costume available for purchase using Fight Money. Keep an eye out though because that’s just the beginning as we’ll have details on additional items in the future!

Check out more screenshots of Alex at our Facebook Page.

Since the In-Game Shop for real currency (aka Zenny) is not available just yet, we’re offering Alex as a free trial period to all players, until the Zenny shop launches. This also applies to any future DLC character that releases prior to the Zenny shop launching. Once the Zenny shop launches, the free trial for DLC characters that released prior to the Zenny shop opening will end, and you’ll need to use Fight Money, Zenny, or the Season Pass to access those characters.

That about does it for today! For more details on Alex and the March update check this post .


SFV March Update - Release Date and New Details

Hey everyone!

We have some exciting news to share today: the long awaited March update that contains Alex will be releasing next week in two separate drops. Hit the jump for more details!

The first drop will take place on March 28 (MON) and contains the following content:

  • Challenge Mode
    • Demonstrations: Learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter V through helpful demonstration and tutorial content. Contains content for each of the 16 characters, as well as advice geared towards players of all skill levels:
      • Beginner Tutorials: 12 lessons covering, movement, normal attacks, special attacks, V-System, throws, counter hits, chip/recoverable damage, etc.
      • Intermediate Tutorials: 11 lessons covering projectiles, invincibility frames, armor and armor break, recovery, cross-up attacks, anti-air options, etc.
      • Advanced Tutorials: 4 lessons covering back dashing, frame advantage/disadvantage, combo potential, button priority, etc.
      • Character Tutorials: 16 lessons covering each individual character.
    • Trials: Put your skills to the ultimate test with combo trials for all 16 characters, ranging from basic to pro combos.  Completing Trials will also earn you some extra Fight Money. 
  • Online Rematch Option
    • Salty from a close loss online? Want revenge?  Players can now play a 2/3 set in Ranked Match and Casual Matches, provided both players accept the rematch.
  • Battle Lounge Improvements
    • Enjoy up to 8 person lobbies, complete with match spectating.
  • Bug fixes and gameplay balancing
    • Various game bugs have been fixed, along with minor gameplay balancing. For more details please see the previous post .

The second drop will take place on March 30 (WED) at 10AM PT and contains the following content:

  • Alex + related character story content
  • In-Game Shop
    • Fight Money Expenditure: Spend your hard earned Fight Money to purchase extra game content, such as DLC characters (100,000 FM each) and the Story Mode Costumes (40,000 FM each).

One feature that will not be making it into the March update will be the Zenny (real money) functionality of the in-game shop. We have taken a long hard look at this part of the store, and after much review, have decided it is not ready to launch just yet. As Zenny is purchased with real money, we wanted to be extra careful and make sure it’s fully tested and optimized before launching it. There is currently no ETA on the Zenny store and we will release it as soon as it’s ready.

We realize that this causes an inconvenience to fans who want to purchase the DLC characters, such as Alex, but do not have enough Fight Money or own the Season Pass.  To address this, we will be making Alex available for free as a trial period to all players, until the Zenny shop launches .  This also will apply to any future DLC character that releases prior to the Zenny shop launching. Once the Zenny shop launches, the free trial for any DLC characters that released prior to the Zenny shop opening will end, and players will need to either use Fight Money, Zenny, or the Season Pass to access those characters.

Any DLC character related content (such as costumes) that is purchased with Fight Money during the trial period will remain in your account once the trial period ends, but you’ll need to purchase Alex to use that content. The same goes for colors and character progress, etc. that are earned during the trial period; everything will be saved, you’ll just need to purchase the character to resume your progress once the trial period ends.

As a special bonus to our Season Pass users, they will be the only ones who will be able to access the premium costumes of the DLC characters until the Zenny shop launches, and they also get to keep character access once the free trial period ends. Additionally, we will be giving all Season Pass users a free, brand new stage in the near future!

Finally, as a way of saying thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding throughout the beta phases and game launch we will be making Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costumes available for free to all users on March 30 as well.  This is an 80,000 Fight Money value, almost the full value of a DLC character.  

Thank you for continuing to support Street Fighter V and we promise that the game will continue to improve from here on out. More new updates, fixes and support for other pressing issues like rage quitters are in the works and we hope to have more information to share soon.

Until next time!

CAPCOM LIVE! concert tour starting in Boston on April 9th

UPDATE: The tour just got a fresh new trailer! Check it out below.

One thing we can all agree is Capcom has consistently made excellent and memorable music for its games: with MM2 Dr. Wily stage  being covered dozens of times, to Guile's theme going with everything, a Capcom-focused live concert series was only a matter of time... and something you don't want to miss!

Late last month, Video Game Orchestra announced their new official concert tour: CAPCOM LIVE! Produced by veterans of the concert scene, Shota Nakama ( Video Game Orchestra ) and Tommy Tallarico ( Video Games Live!), CAPCOM LIVE! brings all the excitement you’d expect, melding a high energy rock band, vocalists, and an orchestra to bring you a musical experience unlike any other.

The tour will be making their premiere in North America at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on April 9th , so if you're in the area or can make the trip, get your tickets and get ready to rock to stellar music from the following game franchises:

  • Ace Attorney
  • Breath of Fire
  • Devil May Cry
  • Dragon's Dogma
  • Final Fight
  • Ghosts 'n Goblins / Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  • Mega Man and Mega Man X
  • Monster Hunter
  • Okami
  • Resident Evil
  • Street Fighter
  • And more!

And keep your eyes glued to the CAPCOM LIVE! website and Facebook page for updates on upcoming concerts!


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