SFV:CE – Blog dos Desenvolvedores – Maio de 2020

E aí lutadores! Hoje estamos super empolgados em revelar novas informações sobre o vindouro conteúdo de Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! Novos personagens, estágios, trajes e muito mais estão a caminho! Confira a seguir detalhes do que esperar dessas novidades:

Da equipe de desenvolvimento de Street Fighter V:

Olá a todos, da equipe de desenvolvimento de Street Fighter V na Capcom Japão! Primeiro, esperamos que vocês, Guerreiros Mundiais, estejam bem e permaneçam seguros! Desejamos a vocês boa saúde e mal podemos esperar para ver todos em breve.


Para começar, estamos felizes de saber que estão gostando da Champion Edition e gostaríamos de agradecer a todos os nossos jogadores pelo apoio. Não estaríamos aqui sem vocês. Como sinal de nossa gratidão, estamos lançando a cor EX09 gratuitamente para todos os 40 personagens, disponível para todos os jogadores! Confiram no menu de lutadores assim que baixarem a atualização mais recente.


Faça parte da história do Street Fighter e crie seu próprio traje para Street Fighter V! A partir de 21 de julho, você poderá enviar um visual para qualquer um dos 40 personagens da Champion Edition. Dois vencedores serão selecionados e seus designs serão disponibilizados no jogo.

Para saber como participar, consulte a nossa página oficial e nossas redes sociais para obter mais informações.


Sabemos que nossos jogadores estão se perguntando: o que vem a seguir em Street Fighter V? Por isso, temos algumas novidades interessantes para compartilhar. Devido à recepção positiva à Temporada 4 e ao Champion Edition, planejamos fazer uma temporada final “V”, que adicionará “V” mais lutadores à lista. Também estão sendo planejados três novos estágios.

Isso é tudo por enquanto, mas voltaremos em breve para compartilhar mais detalhes sobre o novo conteúdo de Street Fighter V. Por enquanto, continue desfrutando de tudo o que está incluído na Champion Edition.

Fiquem seguros e obrigado novamente por todo o apoio.

Até a próxima!

-SFV Dev Team

SFV:CE Developer Blog – May 2020

Hey Fighters, today we’re super excited to reveal some new information on upcoming Street Fighter V: Champion Edition content! New characters, stages, costumes and more are on the way! Read all about that and more in the update below, which includes details on what SFV players can look forward to.

From the Street Fighter V Development Team:

Hello to everyone from the Street Fighter V development team at Capcom Japan! First off, we hope that you World Warriors out there are doing well and staying safe! We wish you good health and can’t wait to see you all again soon.


To start, we are pleased that people are enjoying Champion Edition and would like to thank all of our players for their support. We wouldn’t be here without you. As some of you have noticed, we released color EX09 for free for all 40 characters to all players as a token of our appreciation! We appreciate all the support!


Be a part of Street Fighter history and create your own costume design for Street Fighter V! Beginning now through July 21, you can submit your costume design for any of the 40 characters in Champion Edition. Two winners will be selected and the winning designs will be made available in the game.

Sample Costume Sketches from the SFV Dev Team
More Sample Costume Sketches from the SFV Dev Team

To learn how to enter, please check the official web page and our social channels for more updates.


We know our players are wondering what’s next for Street Fighter V, so we have some exciting news to share. Due to the positive reception to Season 4 and Champion Edition, we are planning to do a final Season “V”, which will add “V” more fighters to the roster. Three new stages are also being planned.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back later this summer to share more details regarding the new content coming to Street Fighter V. For now, please continue enjoying everything included in Champion Edition.

Stay safe and thank you again for all the support.

Bye for now!

-SFV Dev Team

Street Fighter April Fools Mini-Games Have Returned!

April Fools…… in May? That’s right! We know many of you are at home right now, so we’ve brought back all of the previous April Fools web-based mini-games for FREE until the end of the year! Check them all out below:

Street Fighter Academy (2017)

Put your knowledge to the test with the Street Fighter Quiz! Can you defeat all of the Street Fighter students?

Hado Stone (2018)

Believe in the Hado of the cards! Choose a character, build a deck of attacks and… FIGHT!

2019 (2019)

Light ‘em up! Play as G and use his power from the Earth in this auto-scrolling shoot-em-up style game!

Neco Drop (2020)

CATch all of the Catified versions of Street Fighter V’s roster by meowstering the meowcanics of this fun puzzle game! Complete the objectives and collect all the Street Fighter cats to earn a special wallpaper!

Check out the Game Center homepage here.

We hope that you enjoy all of these fun mini-games while at home.

Stay safe everyone!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Event Quests updated with better rewards

Hunters of the Fifth Fleet, while the timeline for Alatreon’s arrival in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is still uncertain, we’ve tweaked the reward rates for two of our Event Quests to help you get ready for when that time comes.

Talk About a Party Foul…

In this Event Quest, you’ll be challenged with hunting a Seething Bazelgeuse in the Arena. Once the hunt starts, there’s nowhere to run… but if you come out victorious, you’ll take home a pouch full of Heavy Armor Spheres. With this update, you’ll be walking away with even more armor spheres than before.

The Wrath of Thunder Descends

A Tempered Zinogre is roaming the Ancient Forest, and those skilled enough to take it down will be rewarded with precious Feystones to further deck out their armor sets with powerful skills. This update increases the drop rates for Sealed Feystones, which are more likely to turn into some of the top-tier decorations in the game.

That is all for today’s update. Just like most other Event Quests for MH: World& Iceborne, these do not have a set end date at the moment. Master Rank Kulve Taroth is also back in the Event Quest board and will be there for 2 weeks.

Stay safe, and Happy Hunting!

The Making of Music and Audio for Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Last week, we wrapped up our Developer Diary video series, where we talked about various aspects of the development of Shinsekai: Into the Depths, with the last video being about sound and music. Now is time to submerge ourselves once again into that topic, but through different lenses. Check out the video below:

As you might imagine, this underwater audio recording is not your standard approach to video game audio production, but it makes perfect sense for Shinsekai since almost the whole game takes place deep in the ocean.

I find this to be a great companion piece to our last Dev Diary, in which producer Pete Fabiano dives into this very subject with more details and a few other tidbits. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch here:

Hope you’ve enjoyed these behind-the-scenes looks at Shinsekai: Into the Depths. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And just a friendly reminder that the game is available now on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade. Have fun, and stay safe!

Take a deeper dive into the dev process behind Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Over the past few weeks, our mini-series of Developer Diary videos have offered a peek behind the curtain by talking about the developer process behind some core aspects of Shinsekai: Into the Depths. We’ve just about wrapped that up for now, so here’s all three videos in one convenient location for ya:

Bit of a spoiler warning though: we tried to keep these videos free of any large story and gameplay spoilers, but you may see some hints of key elements here and there. So, if you haven’t played or finished Shinsekai: Into the Depths yet, approach these with caution. (Also… what are you waiting for?! It’s a wonderful game full of exploration and wonder! I had a great time with it and highly recommend it.)

Developer Diary #1

In this entry, Art Director and Game Director Shuichi Kawata talks with Producer Pete Fabiano about the main inspirations for the game as a whole, and how he started with the idea of flying / falling freely and eventually ended up with a mysterious underwater puzzle adventure. They also touch briefly on the all-new game mode called “Another Dive.”

Developer Diary #2

This one is all about the visual design of the game; from the character design, to the kanji scattered throughout the game, and even some background on the creation of the game title and logo.

Personally, I’m big fan of the idea of making me feel like I was looking at an aquarium. I definitely remember feeling that way during certain moments of my journey, and it was delightful.

Developer Diary #3

And to close out this mini-series, Pete recorded the final episode (from his home!) and talks about the ins-and-outs of crafting the sound and music for this game. There’s some very interesting bits about their Foley recording process, and how the music was re-recorded in gear submerged in water to further emphasize the immersion in the game world.

Well that’s all we’ve got for now, but stay tuned for one more behind-the-scenes look at Shinsekai: Into the Depths coming up very soon.

In the meantime, let us know your favorite thing about Shinsekai or these Developer Diary videos in the comments below. And if you haven’t played the game yet, it’s available now on Nintendo Switch and via Apple Arcade.

Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 kicks off June 6th!

Notice of scheduling and format changes due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In light of the various travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines around the world, Capcom has decided to cancel all remaining offline (live) premiers, ranking events and World Warrior events for the 2020 season. We recognize this may cause difficulties for our tournament operators and production partners, but we strongly believe that this is the best way to protect the community.

In place of the previous schedule, Capcom will be introducing 18 online regional tournaments, which kicks off with a tournament in the NA East region on June 6th. The stakes will be high for these events, as the winners from each of the 18 online tournaments will auto qualify for Capcom Cup 2020. In addition to the 18 online winners, the Capcom Cup 2019 Champion (iDom) will be offered a slot at Capcom Cup 2020. The final slot will be awarded to one of the 31 finalists from Capcom Cup 2019 through a community vote, bringing the total to 20 players who will compete to become the Capcom Cup 2020 champion. 

In order to accommodate the new schedule, Capcom Cup 2020 will move from Paris to the US and will now take place in the first quarter of 2021. We’ll have more details for Capcom Cup 2020 at a later date.

This is a radical and exciting departure from the normal format, and we hope the community will join us in force as we kick off Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 on June 6th.  

Please visit the Capcom Pro Tour site for the latest rules and schedule.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all online soon and in person after the situation improves.

Welcome to the Capcom-Unity Blog, May 2020

Hello! And welcome to the 2020 version of the Capcom-Unity Blog! As we announced a few months ago, we’ve made some changes to optimize your experience with the site moving forward.

Today, we’re running the Capcom-Unity Blog on a new platform; and to start, we’re focusing on three main aspects: speed, familiarity and ease of navigation. The speed aspect is mostly thanks to back-end optimizations that you’ll hopefully never have to worry about. 😉

Now, let’s talk about the other two:


The first thing you’ll notice is the front page experience is largely the same. We wanted to start off with a familiar look that you already know. The key difference this time is the mobile version, which has been better optimized for mobile browsers while still properly matching the experience on desktop.

On the front page, you’ll still see a reel of our latest highlighted blog posts, and scrolling down will start the blog feed. We also have a handy RSS button if you want to set it up for your RSS readers!


Once you start drilling into each blog post, you’ll see a couple of new buttons, specifically near the bottom. Here’s what they do:

  • Brand Tags: depending on the blog, you’ll see Brand Tags that, when clicked, take you to a feed of blog posts only related to that brand.
  • topic-tags: these are tags for various topics. They’ll help you filter content by specific games, gaming platforms and even broader topics like “event” or “contest.”
    NOTE: we’re still optimizing and growing our tag library, so please be patient if you see any posts with missing tags.
  • Previous Post / Next Post: another new addition to the new blog; these buttons will take you to blog posts that happened chronologically right before (or right after) the one you’re reading, matching what you’d see in the main blog reel (front page).

These changes were all designed and implemented to help you get to the content that you’re most interested in, while giving you more options to just browse the site if want to lose yourself in an afternoon of reading.

Our goal is to continue improving the Capcom-Unity blogging experience, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on how things are working and where can improve even further. In the meantime, we hope you have a faster and easier time with the site, and stay tuned for more tweaks and updates in the future.

Huge thanks for our Web Team (Tom James!) and to you, for your continued patience and support!

See you soon!

Let us know what you think of the new blog on our Facebook and Twitter.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 4 Postponed

Attention Hunters! Unfortunately, coronavirus (COVID-19) related impacts on production have made it necessary to postpone the release of the fourth free title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Voice over production for the Italian, Spanish and French language versions have also been affected, and will be replaced with simplified recordings.

We would like to apologize to all of our fans eagerly awaiting Alatreon’s arrival in the New World, and will provide updates once we have new information to share.

We’ve updated our Title Update Roadmap to reflect these changes in production:

Updated Title Update Roadmap for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

In the meantime, we’ll extend the availability of most of the MH:World & Iceborne Event Quests for the foreseeable future.

Thank you very much for your continued support and patience. From all the development team at Capcom – happy hunting and stay safe!

Atualização de Título 4 para Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Adiada

Atenção, caçadores! Infelizmente, os impactos do coronavírus (COVID-19) na produção tornaram necessário adiar o lançamento da quarta atualização gratuita de Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. A produção de voz para as versões em italiano, espanhol e francês também foi afetada e será substituída por gravações simplificadas.

Gostaríamos de pedir desculpas a todos os fãs que aguardam ansiosamente a chegada de Alatreon no Novo Mundo e forneceremos atualizações assim que tivermos novidades para compartilhar.

Ajustamos nosso roteiro de atualização para refletir essas alterações. Veja abaixo:

Enquanto isso, ampliaremos a disponibilidade da maioria das Missões de Evento ao longo das próximas semanas.

Muito obrigado por seu apoio e paciência contínuos. De toda a equipe de desenvolvimento da Capcom – Boa caçada e fiquem seguros!

Monster Hunter Festa: Boston 2020 Recap

At the tail end of February this year, we welcomed brave hunters from across the US for an awesome two-in-one Monster Hunter event in Boston. It was cold outside, but the fiery competition and your amazing energy brought warmth to all our hearts! Today, we’re happy to share two recap videos to bring back those memories and give a taste of the event to those who couldn’t attend.

Monster Hunter Festa: Boston 2020 Recap

I know this one is a bit overdue; soon after we returned from the event, we had to drastically change our work style and work flow, so please pardon the two-month gap. We’re incredibly thankful we were able to host the event and humbled to have so many of you attend. It was an unforgettable night filled with lots of energy, amazing competitive strategies, stunning cosplay and a number of other fun side activities. Check out the highlights below:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne USA Championship Top 4

This portion of the event was also live streamed (so you have no excuse!) and we’ve already uploaded it a little while ago (double-no-excuse!!)… BUT, all joking aside, in case you missed it, here it is. 😉

Again, on behalf of the entire team here at Capcom, huge thanks to all of those who attended the event, competed in the Championship, watched the live stream and cheered for our competitors!

Stay safe & healthy, and happy hunting!

Master Rank Kulve Taroth and Arch-Tempered Namielle approach Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The latest free Title Update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, version 13.5, marks the return of Kulve Taroth and signals the impending arrival of Arch-Tempered Namielle. These two limited time Event Quests will challenge even the best Hunters in Seliana, but will yield some of the best rewards around.

Master Rank Kulve Taroth Event Quest

“The Eternal Gold Rush” will debut starting April 22nd 5:00pm PDT and will take you back to the Caverns of El Dorado to confront the “Mother Goddess of Gold” Kulve Taroth for a final showdown. Unlike the Kulve Taroth Siege (High Rank), this will work as a standard Event Quest where you and up to three other Hunters will be tasked with slaying this magnificent Elder Dragon. Remember to work together and look out for some fiery new attacks that truly make this monster earn its Master Rank threat level.

NOTE: before you can take on the Master Rank version of Kulve Taroth, you’ll need to have met the specific eligibility requirements for joining the High Rank Kulve Taroth Siege. Chances are most of you are already eligible, but just in case, the first quest steps are to speak with the Admiral in Astera and investigate golden tracks.

Final showdown with Kulve Taroth in Area 4 of the Caverns of El Dorado

Glimmering Rewards

Slay Kulve Taroth in this new quest, and you’ll get the dazzling Golden Kulve Pendant as well as new Master Rank grade materials. Take these to the Smithy to craft new Armor, Palico Gear, and finally, upgrade your High Rank appraised weapons. This Event Quest will not yield any new appraisal weapons, so if you’re looking to complete your collection, the Kulve Taroth Siege (High Rank) will also be available at the same time as “The Eternal Gold Rush”. And to sweeten the golden pot of rewards, we’ve increased the odds of rarer weapons being appraised from Incandescent Weapons.

Kulve Taroth β+ Armor Sets
Kulve Taroth α+ Armor Sets

Arch-Tempered Namielle Event Quest

A new Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon has emerged to challenge the fiercest Hunters of the Fifth Fleet: Arch-Tempered Namielle. Those brave enough to hunt it should come prepared to be faced with stronger attacks, higher elemental affinity and incredible endurance. “The Distant Dark Tide” will be available from April 30th 5:00pm PDT (May 1st 00:00 UTC) as a limited time Event Quest.

Arch-Tempered Namielle

Rewards with Depth

Arch-Tempered Namielle won’t go down easily, but those who manage this feat will be rewarded with the Arch-Tempered Namielle Shard weapon pendant as well as materials to craft the Namielle Tentacle γ+ Armor Set . The γ (Gamma) series provides the best of both α (Alpha) and β (Beta) sets by offering deeper customization options to prepare for what comes next.

Namielle γ+ Armor Set

And if you’re looking to expand your Layered Armor wardrobe, item rewards from the Arch-Tempered Namielle quest can be used to craft the following layered sets: Artian armor, Black Belt armor, Guardian armor, Acrobat Earrings, and Showman Earrings.

Best of luck to you, Hunters!

Kulve Taroth de Ranque Mestre e Namielle Arquiaguerrido estão chegando ao Monster Hunter World: Iceborne!

A mais recente atualização gratuita para Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, versão 13.5, marca o retorno de Kulve Taroth e sinaliza a chegada iminente de Namielle Arquiaguerrido. Essas duas missões disponíveis por tempo limitado desafiarão até os melhores caçadores de Seliana, mas renderão algumas das mais cabulosas recompensas!

Missão de Evento da Kulve Taroth Ranque Mestre

“A Corrida Eterna pelo Ouro” chega a partir de 22 de abril às 21h e o levará de volta às Cavernas de El Dorado para enfrentar a “Deusa Mãe de Ouro” Kulve Taroth. Ao contrário do Cerco à Kulve Taroth de Ranque Elevado, essa funcionará como Missão de Evento padrão, na qual você e até três outros Caçadores serão encarregados de matar este magnífico Dragão Ancião. Lembre-se de trabalhar juntos e fique atento a novos ataques de fogo que realmente fazem esse monstro merecer o Ranque Mestre.

NOTA: Antes de poder aceitar a missão da Kulve Taroth Ranque Mestre, você precisará atender aos requisitos específicos do Cerco à Kulve Taroth de Ranque Elevado. Provavelmente, a maioria de vocês já é elegível, mas só para garantir, os primeiros passos da missão são falar com o Almirante em Astera e investigar trilhas douradas.

Recompensas Reluzentes

Mate Kulve Taroth nessa nova Missão e você obterá o deslumbrante Pingente de Ouro Kulve, bem como novos materiais de Ranque Mestre. Leve-os para o Ferreiro para criar novas armaduras, equipamento de Amigato e, por fim, atualize suas armas avaliadas de Ranque Elevado. Essa Missão de Evento não recompensa com nenhuma nova arma avaliada; portanto, se você quiser concluir sua coleção, o Cerco à Kulve Taroth de Ranque Elevado também estará disponível junto com “A Corrida Eterna pelo Ouro”. E para incrementar o pote dourado de recompensas, aumentamos as chances de armas mais raras serem avaliadas a partir de Armas Incandescentes.

Missão de Evento do Namielle Arquiaguerrido

Um novo Dragão Ancião Arquiaguerrido surgiu para desafiar os caçadores mais ferozes da Quinta Frota: o Namielle Arquiaguerrido! Aqueles corajosos o suficiente para caçá-lo devem estar preparados para enfrentar ataques mais fortes, maior afinidade elemental e resistência incrível. “A Distante Onda Negra” estará disponível a partir de 30 de abril às 21h como Missão de Evento por tempo limitado.

Recompensas com Profundidade

Namielle Arquiaguerrido não cairá facilmente, mas aquele que o derrotar será recompensado com um pingente especial, além de materiais para forjar o Conjunto de Armadura Tentáculo Namielle γ +. A série γ (Gamma) fornece o melhor dos conjuntos α (Alpha) e β (Beta), com opções de personalização mais profundas para se preparar para batalhas mais ferozes.

E se você deseja expandir seu guarda-roupa de Armaduras em Camadas, as recompensas da missão do Namielle Arquiaguerrido podem ser usadas para criar os seguintes conjuntos: Armadura Artian, Armadura Faixa Preta, Armadura Guardião, Brincos de Acrobata e Brincos Showman. Boa sorte nas suas aventuras, caçador!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Festival Florescente!

A primavera está no ar, e com ela vem a elegância incomparável do nosso mais novo evento sazonal para Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, o Festival Florescente!

De hoje até 7 de maio (20h59 horário de Brasília), entre no Iceborne e participe das festividades para obter comida, itens e equipamentos super sofisticados. A Assistente, toda a equipe de Seliana e até seu Poogie estão vestidos pra ocasião; agora é sua vez!

Como é habitual em nossos eventos sazonais, a cada dia que você fizer login, você recebe um bilhete especial. Desta vez é o bilhete Florescente, que pode ser usado para criar um novo conjunto de armadura para você, equipamentos para o seu Amigato e até um fantástico pingente de arma.

Ao participar de Missões de Eventos ou ajudar outros caçadores de nível mais baixo via Hunter Helper, você começará a ganhar bilhetes VIP Florescente para criar Armaduras em Camadas e pingentes de armas, seguindo o tema rosáceo do festival.

Claro, isso não é tudo. Adicionamos novas Missões de Eventos e atividades bônus. Certifique-se de construir um boneco de neve para ver seu novo visual, ajude no Vaporizador para obter bilhetes especiais de fusão, enfrente Dragões Anciões Arquiaguerridos de Ranque Elevado (para armaduras em camadas adicionais!) e junte-se a outros caçadores para enfrentar o Cerco de Safi’jiiva no Ponto de encontro de Seliana!

O Festival Florescente já está no ar em todas as plataformas e vai até 7 de maio. Aproveite as festividades e boa caçada!

Stop and smell the roses in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Full Bloom Fest, now through May 7

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the unparalleled elegance of our newest Seasonal Event for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the Full Bloom Fest.

From now until May 7 (4:59pm PDT / 7:59pm EDT), log into Iceborne and join the festivities to get super fancy food, items and gear. The Handler, Seliana staff and even your Poogie are all dressed for the occasion; now it’s your turn!

Rose Poogie!
The elegant Rose Armor set

As is customary with our Seasonal Events, each day you log in, you’ll receive a special ticket. This time it’s the Full Bloom ticket, that can be used to craft a new armor set for yourself, gear for your Palico and even a fanciful weapon pendant.

Rose Palico gear

As you take on Event Quests or help out other lower ranking hunters via Hunter Helper (Respond to SOS and look for lower MR than yourself), you’ll start earning VIP Full Bloom tickets, so you can craft the Layered Armor equivalent of your Rose outfit and various other weapon pendants following the same rose bouquet motif.

The fluffy Downy Crake Layered head gear

Speaking of Event Quests, we’ve added a few new ones to the mix. Look out for the quest “Skyward Snipers” to craft the dainty Downy Crake layered head piece. And nothing says “fancy” like this floppy pair of Whetfish… well, maybe not everything is the pinnacle of elegance this time. May I interest you in the return of the quest “50 Shades of White” so you can complete your regal arsenal of Guild Palace weapons instead? In any case, if you’re still after the Whetfish Sabers, the quest is called “A Fish to Whet Your Appetite.”

The super-sharp Whetfish Sabers

Of course, that is not all. Make sure to build a Snowman in the field to see its new look, help out the Steamworks for some special melding tickets, take on High Rank Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons (for additional layered armor!) and team up to take on the Siege of Safi’jiiva in the Seliana Gathering Hub.

Full Bloom Fest is live on Iceborne, all platforms, now through May 7. Enjoy the festivities and happy hunting!

Resident Evil 3 já disponível!

A espera acabou – é hora de começar sua fuga de Raccoon City! Para Jill Valentine, esta pode ser a última caminhada pelas ruas do lugar que ela já chamou de lar – sua última fuga. Resident Evil 3 já está disponível para PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC via Steam, com o multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance incluso!

Ocorrendo simultaneamente aos eventos de Resident Evil 2, Jill Valentine não tem escolha a não ser se aventurar em uma cidade em caos em busca de uma saída. No entanto, ela terá que lidar com mais do que zumbis. A criatura aterrorizante conhecida como Nemesis está atrás dela com um único objetivo – garantir que Jill nunca mais veja a luz do dia.

Baseado  no Resident Evil 3: Nemesis original  enquanto utiliza  a nova versão  de Raccoon City introduzida em Resident Evil 2, RE3 apresenta uma cidade vibrante enquanto as habilidades de Jill Valentine como policial e membro da S.T.A.R.S. são postas à prova. O treinamento de elite de Jill trás mais ação em relação ao RE2, e você terá mais opções para lidar com inimigos. Com a esquiva, você pode sair do caminho dos ataques. Uma esquiva “perfeita” executada no tempo certo pode ajudá-lo a virar o jogo!

Fiel à tradição dos jogos de horror de sobrevivência, você precisará gerenciar seus itens e munições com cuidado se quiser passar por todos os horrores escondidos em Raccoon City, além do terrível Nemesis sempre no seu encalço.

E isso não é tudo o que está disponível a partir de hoje; Resident Evil Resistance, multiplayer 4v1 ambientado no universo Resident Evil, também está incluído em Resident Evil 3! Colocando quatro Sobreviventes contra um Vilão maníaco, cabe à equipe de quarto jogadores passar por uma série de experimentos mortais cheios de armadilhas, criaturas e armas biológicas familiares – como o Tirano – do universo Resident Evil. No entanto, há uma reviravolta nesse jogo: um jogador assume o papel de Vilão, montando sua própria casa de horrores para impedir os Sobreviventes de escapar.

Como Sobrevivente, você terá uma perspectiva familiar de terceira pessoa e vários personagens diferentes para escolher. Cada sobrevivente tem suas próprias habilidades únicas, essenciais para sua própria sobrevivência e para o sucesso geral da equipe. Como Vilão, você estará atrás das câmeras, colocando todo tipo de armadilhas e monstros para desgastar os Sobreviventes com o objetivo de acelerar o relógio antes que eles possam escapar.

Enquanto os Sobreviventes são um elenco totalmente novo, Jill Valentine será adicionada como Sobrevivente em atualização futura, portanto fique de olho por aqui e em nossos canais sociais para as últimas notícias! Você também verá alguns rostos familiares entre os Vilões, como a pesquisadora da Umbrella Annette Birkin e a mestre do medo, Alex Wesker.

Resident Evil Resistance está incluso em Resident Evil 3, disponível agora para PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC via Steam!

Resident Evil 3 is available now!

The wait is over, and it’s time to begin your escape from the streets of Raccoon City. For Jill Valentine, it may very well be her last time wandering the streets of the place she once called home – her last escape. Resident Evil 3 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, with Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe, included!

Taking place concurrently with the events of Resident Evil 2, Jill Valentine has little choice but to venture out into a city in chaos in order to seek a way out. She’ll have more than just shambling zombies to deal with, however, as it’s quickly revealed that a terrifying creature, known as Nemesis, is after her, with one goal in mind – ensuring Jill never sees daylight again.

Taking cues from the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis while building upon the re-imagined Raccoon City introduced in last year’s Resident Evil 2, RE3 explores a vibrant city and various locales as Jill Valentine’s skills as a police officer and member of S.T.A.R.S. are put to the test. Jill’s elite training creates a bit more of a focus on action compared to RE2, and you’ll have a few more options when dealing with enemies such as the useful dodge maneuver that can help you get out of the way of attacks. With just the right timing, a “perfect” dodge can help you turn the tables on approaching enemies, as well!

True to survival horror tradition, you’ll need to manage your items and ammunition carefully if you want to make it through all the horrors that Raccoon City has in store with the terrifying Nemesis chasing you throughout.

That’s not all that’s available starting today; Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe, is also included with Resident Evil 3! Pitting four Survivors against a maniacal Mastermind, it’s up to the team of four to make their way through a series of deadly experiments filled with traps, creatures, and familiar bioweapons – like the Tyrant – from the Resident Evil universe. There’s a bit of a twist to this game, though: a real live player is taking the role of a Mastermind, populating their own house of horrors to stop the Survivors at every opportunity.

As a Survivor, you’ll have a familiar third-person perspective as well as several different characters to choose from. Each survivor has their own unique skills that are key to their own survival, as well as the overall success of the team. As a Mastermind, you’ll be behind the cameras, placing all sorts of traps and monsters to wear down the Survivors with the goal of running down the clock before they can escape. While the Survivors are an all-new cast, Jill Valentine will be added as a Survivor in a future update, so be sure to keep an eye out on Resident Evil social channels for the latest news! You’ll also see some familiar faces among the Masterminds, such as Umbrella researcher Annette Birkin and the master of fear, Alex Wesker.

Resident Evil Resistance is included with Resident Evil 3, available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam!

Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Mega Man Zero

This is it – the final set of tips and tricks from the developers of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, with a particular focus on the challenging original Mega Man Zero!

SPOILER ALERT: this post includes pointers for going head to head with the final boss, so proceed accordingly. We’ll hand it over to the dev team from here.


Hanumachine is another formidable opponent. Be sure to equip the Thunder Chip to take advantage of his weaknesses. Hanumachine’s attacks on the whole can be pretty difficult to evade. During Fire Bound, your fiery foe transforms into a giant fireball and rushes at Zero. The attack ends once he sets his feet on the ground, so do your best to dodge this move. Knowing this (and acting accordingly) will drastically increase your chances for survival.

Opportunities to inflict some damage of your own come when Hanumachine gets close or the moment when he unleashes a pack of Mini Hanus. Instead of proactively going after Hanumachine, we recommend dodging his attacks and taking advantage of his close proximity to make him feel the burn.

 ■Asura Basura (Mid-Boss for Neo Arcadia Shrine Stage)

If you slash Asura Basura’s head with your Z Saber, he’ll begin to rotate like a top. Use your Z Saber to attack him again right as he starts to spin. Repeat this pattern, and you can take him down with ease.

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.

Herculious Anchortus

Kick off this boss battle by jumping up the wall to a height where you can still see your opponent. When you do this, Herculious Anchortus will charge toward the wall with a strong Beet Tackle attack that causes him to repel back on contact. The gap between Herculious Anchortus and the wall is just big enough for Zero. Take advantage of this moment to drop from the wall, slash Herculious Anchortus with your Z Saber, and climb the wall to safety.

Rainbow Devil

When Rainbow Devil unleashes its Bound Attack, you won’t get hit if you’re standing at the edge of the screen. During this sequence, attacking Rainbow Devil in its head-shaped form causes it break into smaller pieces. Fight from the corner during this part of the boss battle to ensure your safety.

Rainbow Devil’s trajectory changes when it transforms into slime, so attack when it looks like you’re going to get hit. Check out the video above for exact timing.

One other thing. When Rainbow Devil reverts back to its original form, make good use of your Z Saber for some additional damage. Every so often Rainbow Devil will launch a small glob of slime at you. You can jump up the wall to escape in those instances.

Copy X

Last, but not least, the final boss – Copy X. We debated whether or not to share tips for this battle with you, so we’ll keep things simple.

Copy X doesn’t have any set attack patterns, so it’s essential to stay calm while trying to stay out of harm’s way. You can safely escape his Nova Strike charge attack by dashing. As for offensive strategies, try staying close to the wall on either end of the room. Use the wall to jump over Copy X’s sliding attack, and slash at him with your Z Saber. Rinse and repeat.

Do you have the endurance to get through this boss battle? Give it your best shot!

■Copy X (Second Form)

Surprise! In true final boss fashion, Copy X has a second form.

This second form is weak to ice, so don’t hesitate to equip the Ice Chip if you have it. There are large bars on both sides of the screen during this portion of the battle. We recommend the basic approach of using wall kicks to perch on these before landing a perfectly timed jump slash with your Z Saber.

More importantly, don’t forget to dodge Copy X’s attacks. This second form has three distinct attack patterns. You can determine what’s coming next based on the shape of Copy X’s hands and his voice. Memorize each pattern and use this knowledge to escape demise.

And that’s a wrap for our boss battle suggestions! Mega Man Zero is often described as the most difficult game in the Zero series. In other words, if you’re able to finish this game, you should have the know-how you need to get through the other games in the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Now get out there and show us what you’ve got!

More Tips and Tricks for Mega Man Zero

We’ve got a fresh update from the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection dev team today! This one also covers the particularly challenging Mega Man Zero. The dev team can take it from here:

We’re sure some of you have finished all six games in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, but we have a feeling some users may be having a harder time with the first Mega Man Zero game.

Don’t fret! We’ve put together another set of boss strategies for you, this time focusing on Blizzack Staggroff and the Four Guardians of Master X.

■Sage Harpuia

Sage Harpuia is allegedly the most popular of the Four Guardians of Master X. The first step in defeating this adversary is ambushing him with attacks while he’s in midair. If you damage him with a jump slash, he’ll drop to the ground and immediately unleash three Sonic Boom attacks. When he starts to fly again, he’ll release another bonus Sonic Boom, so make sure you get out of harm’s way.

Once Sage Harpuia is airborne, you can repeat this process – damaging him with jump slashes and dodging his Sonic Booms. One thing to note is that Sage Harpuia will slowly close in on Zero. If he’s less than half the screen away, book it in the opposite direction and reset the playing field.

■Blizzack Staggroff

Truth be told, it’s more difficult for Blizzack Staggroff to take damage when you’re in close range. Get close enough to avoid damage and attack him with your Z Saber from a safe distance. If you inflict some damage, Blizzack Staggroff will unleash a Frozen Bomb attack. Do your best to evade this while closing the distance between you. In these instances, your safest bet is using your Buster to shatter the ice spikes the boss uses to create his Frozen Bombs.

When Blizzack Staggroff uses his Blizzard attack, you’ll have more luck avoiding damage by escaping with wall jumps above the height of the attack. Dashing in the opposite direction of the blizzard might “freeze” your attempts to escape.

■Fighting Fefnir

Fighting Fefnir is by and far the most dangerous of the Four Guardians of Master X. For this boss battle, start by equipping the Thunder Chip, which will help you take advantage of your adversary’s weaknesses. Striking Fighting Fefnir with the Thunder Chip and a charged attack will paralyze him, so be sure to keep your distance. Fighting Fefnir will attack once he recovers from his paralysis. The moment you dodge his attacks is your chance to blast him with a perfectly timed Buster Shot. Charged Buster Shots are even more effective. Fighting Fefnir also has a strong grab attack called Rocket Upper, so be sure to keep your distance and focus on making good use of your Buster Shots.

■Fairy Leviathan

The three homing bullets that Fairy Leviathan shoots from her spear are difficult to evade in close proximity, so you’ll have better luck staying out of harm’s way by keeping your distance. You can dodge her Ice Ring attacks by jumping over them, but the problem comes immediately after that. With her Marine Snow attack, Fairy Leviathan leaves ice spikes spread across the top of the stage. Do everything you can to shatter these. If you don’t, you’ll be in big trouble later. Fairy Leviathan will approach Zero when he attacks her, so use these opportunities to unleash some serious damage!

■Hidden Phantom

You may feel the urge to attack the real Hidden Phantom when he uses his Clones attack, but the truth is that you’ll be able to defeat him more easily if you attack one of his clones. When the real Hidden Phantom appears, he’ll fly around the screen riding on a shuriken (ninja star), but he won’t hit you if you’re standing at the edge of the screen. Your chance to do some damage is the moment when Hidden Phantom prepares to throw his shuriken. Take advantage of that split second to go in for the kill.

That concludes our strategy guide for Blizzack Staggroff and the Four Guardians of Master X. We’ve got one additional strategy guide coming your way soon, so stay tuned!

Shinsekai: Into the Depths já disponível no Nintendo Switch!

Respire fundo e mergulhe na Nintendo eShop para começar sua jornada de sobrevivência e exploração em alto mar em Shinsekai: Into the Depths!

Como parte de um anúncio surpresa no Nintendo Direct Mini de hoje mais cedo, nosso jogo de aventura aquática está disponível no Nintendo Switch a partir de… Agora! Se você perdeu a transmissão anteriormente, aqui está um curto trailer que resume o jogo (em inglês):

Por ser uma IP totalmente nova (lançada no ano passado no Apple Arcade), você não verá nenhum personagem familiar, mas tenha certeza de que o DNA da Capcom está presente com força total! O jogo começa com uma mecânica simples, mas você logo notará que há nuance e profundidade nessa simplicidade. E, é claro, ao longo de sua jornada você descobrirá novas habilidades e maneiras de resolver enigmas, aprofundando sua busca por segurança e respostas.

No clássico estilo Capcom, nossa equipe de desenvolvimento decidiu experimentar novas tecnologias neste projeto. Todas as músicas e efeitos sonoros foram realmente gravados, depois reproduzidos e regravados debaixo d’água. Então, ao tocar Shinsekai e se aventurar no fundo do mar, você ouvirá músicas e efeitos sonoros que correspondem aos efeitos visuais e ao cenário. Tudo isso melhora a imersão e adiciona uma camada sutil de obscuridade, mistério e tensão.

Novos Recursos

Sabemos que alguns de vocês já jogaram Shinsekai, portanto apresentamos novos recursos neste lançamento, já disponíveis tanto no Switch quanto no Apple Arcade.

  • Another Dive (“Outro Mergulho”) – Este é para os aventureiros mais durões e velozes. Este novo modo de velocidade desafia você a atravessar um labirinto perigoso e enfrentar um novo chefão!
  • Another Dive Hardcore Mode – Depois de vencer Another Dive uma vez, você desbloqueia o modo Hardcore. É exatamente o que parece: uma versão bem mais difícil e desafiadora. Boa sorte!
  • Jukebox – Esse novo recurso permite que você relaxe e mergulhe na música subaquática que mencionamos acima, com diferentes filtros pra curtir a deriva nos pensamentos :D.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths já está disponível digitalmente para Nintendo Switch e Apple Arcade. Bom mergulho e divirta-se!

Shinsekai: Into the Depths now available on Nintendo Switch

Take a deep breath and head on over to the Nintendo eShop to start your journey of survival and deep-sea exploration in Shinsekai: Into the Depths!

As part of a surprise announcement on today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, our aquatic adventure game is available on Nintendo Switch starting… now! If you missed the broadcast earlier, here’s a quick trailer that summarizes the game:

Being an all-new original game IP (which debuted last year on Apple Arcade) means you won’t see any familiar Capcom characters, but rest assured that you’ll see the Capcom DNA through and through. The game starts off with pretty simple gameplay mechanics, but you will immediately notice there’s some nuance and depth to the simplicity. And of course, throughout your journey, you’ll discover new abilities and ways to solve puzzles, allowing you to go deeper in your search for safety and answers.

In classic Capcom fashion, our development team in Japan also decided to experiment with some new tech, just for this project. All of the music and sound effects were actually recorded, then played back and re-recorded underwater. So, as you play Shinsekai and venture into the deep-sea, you’ll be hearing tunes and sound effects that match the visual effects and setting. It all enhances the immersion and adds a subtle layer of murkiness, mystery and tension.

Fresh New Features

We know some of you have already played Shinsekai when it first launched on Apple Arcade, so with this release, we’re introducing a couple of new features. And for those of you playing on Apple Arcade, don’t worry: these features will also be available as a free update starting today, March 26th.

  • Another Dive – This one is for the toughest (and fastest) adventurers out there. This new time attack mode challenges you to make your way through a dangerous maze and confront a brand new boss monster!
  • Another Dive Hardcore Mode – After you clear “Another Dive” once, you’ll unlock this mode. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a harder, more challenging version of the time attack challenge. Good luck!
  • Jukebox Mode – This new feature lets you relax and immerse yourself in the underwater music we just talked about. Plug in some headphones, choose the track and audio filters, then hit play, and drift away…
Jukebox Mode
You and your helpful little Drone

Shinsekai: Into the Depths is available now for Nintendo Switch (available digitally for just $19.99) and Apple Arcade. Remember to follow @CapcomUSA_ on Twitter and Capcom USA on Facebook for the latest news and updates, and have fun!

Brachydios Colérico e Rajang Furioso chegam em Monster Hunter World: Iceborne!

Preparem-se, caçadores! A terceira atualização de título gratuita para #MHWorld Iceborne já está disponível no PlayStation 4 e Xbox One e chega ao PC em 9 de abril! Dois dos monstros mais difíceis do jogo lhe aguardam: Brachydios Colérico e Rajang Furioso!

Para uma visão geral do que está incluído nesta atualização, bem como uma prévia do que está por vir, assista ao nosso mais recente Diário de Produção a seguir.


Confira também nosso roteiro de atualizações a seguir (em inglês):

Fiquem seguros e boa sorte nas aventuras, caçadores!

Important Update on Capcom-Unity, March 2020

Hi everyone,

Today we have some updates to share about the Capcom-Unity website and some upcoming changes to the platform on May 6th.

A lot has changed in terms of available social platforms and trends since Capcom-Unity started in 2006, and with those changes, we’ve found new ways to connect with Capcom communities. With that in mind, we’ve also reevaluated how to focus our efforts on the best and most efficient ways to communicate with you all. This means that the site will evolve into something a little different than what we have now. Keep on reading to get the full details.


Capcom-Unity started as just a message board back in 2006, and in 2008 quickly grew into something more akin to what we have today: a blog for news and updates, forums for discussions, and various other ways for fans to connect with us at Capcom and with each other. That was, and still is, the primary goal of this whole endeavor: to connect the Capcom community with all things Capcom.

Over the past few years, as time has gone by and Internet-based communication systems have evolved, new communication tools have been created and more options are available now than ever before. People’s habits and preferences have started to change, too. We’ve kept a close eye on social media channels and saw our news spread far and wide, reaching more Capcom fans than ever, as they connect with each other in Twitter replies, Facebook and Instagram comments sections, and Discord servers. Discussions are carried out and friendships are formed, just as they have been here on Capcom-Unity. The key difference is folks are not required to sign up for another account. That makes these platforms a lot more accessible and more inclusive, and allows the conversations to carry on more smoothly on each given platform, which we believe are huge benefits for the entire community.

Upcoming Changes

As a result of the shifting landscape above, we’ve carefully evaluated the priorities for the Capcom-Unity website, and have decided to sunset our Forums and the User Account system on the site.

I’ll explain this further in a bit, but first, I want to outline our focus. For now, we’ll be looking for ways to improve our communication and community connections by:

  • Continuing to focus on news, updates and discussion points via the Capcom-Unity blog;
  • Improving navigation and discovery on the Capcom-Unity blog;
  • Continuing to run social media channels for our games & communities;
  • Continuing to work with sub-communities and Content Creators focused on Capcom games;
  • Further developing our Discord server to make it easier to find other likeminded Capcom fans.

What this means to you

First up, it’s important to note that we will be moving to a new backend platform to support some of the improvements we have in mind. However, this new system will not support User Accounts. This means we won’t have a direct means to host discussions (Forums) or any other content created by you (User Blogs, User Groups, Media Uploads, etc.) directly on the website. As we’ve discussed above though, there are ample options available where fans can and have already been gathering to have similar discussions. Also, to start, our blogs may also not feature a way for you to comment on them, but we’re looking to add this functionality as soon as possible.

On a personal note, I joined Capcom-Unity back in the Capcom BBS days, curious and eager to get as much info as possible on the PS2 and PSP Monster Hunter games at the time, and that sent me down the path I am on today. I’ve made friendships along the way and discovered tons of new ways to play and enjoy Capcom games. This was an experience like no other, and while this aspect of Capcom-Unity will be changing quite a bit, we’ll still be looking to improve where we can and offer as many paths to the original goals of connecting the Capcom community.

What you need to do

Since User Accounts will no longer be a feature of the new platform, there is no required action from you.

However, the lack of User Accounts does mean that all features related to that will also disappear. This includes Private Messaging and all user created content (e.g. Forum posts, Blog posts, Groups, Media uploads, etc.). If you want to keep any records of existing posts, conversations, media, etc. we suggest archiving them manually. There are various ways of doing this, including screenshots, using your browser to save a copy of the page, printing a page to a PDF file, etc.

If you’re looking to stay connected with fellow Capcom-Unity members, we’ve created a forum thread where you can share your social media and Discord account info. Click here after reading this blog to share your info.

Estimated Timeline

Things are moving behind-the-scenes already, and we’re targeting the full transition to the new platform to happen on May 6th. Until then, the current version of Capcom-Unity, and all its content, will still be live. This gives you 40 days to archive any content you may want to keep.

Starting on April 15th, we will be locking all Forum spaces (except for the social connections thread listed above), which will prevent the creation of new forum posts or threads. You’ll still be able to create your own archives of threads via the methods outlined above.

Final Thoughts

Before we go, I wanted to say that we know change can be a bit of a surprise, especially when you’ve been with something over so many years. We know very well that Capcom-Unity has a special place in all your hearts (as it does in ours!) and this upcoming update will change how you visit and use the site. We will continue to take your feedback to heart and do our best to offer ways for you to connect with Capcom fans and passionate fans like yourself.

And finally, on behalf of everyone here at Capcom, thank you so much for being a part of this community. We hope you stick around for what’s to come.

All the best,


Here are your Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Community Heroes winners!

A few weeks back, we ran a contest asking a simple question – what do the Mega Man Zero and ZX games mean to you? We received a variety of entries, including art, cosplay pictures, videos, and collections of photographs, and it was incredibly difficult to choose just three grand prize winners. Read on to find out who those three winners are, as well as a selection of honorable mentions!

In no particular order, here are your winners of the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Community Heroes contest – complete with commentary from the development team at Capcom Japan!

Art by @Mateo_Lisboa

From the dev team:
“This art piece is both charming and beautiful. Not only is Ciel offering prayers for Zero, but for his enemies, allies, and characters from the Mega Man ZX universe as well. How lovely!”

From the dev team:
“This Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX Model ZX collaboration is pretty fantastic. Are those small traces of damage on Model ZX’s helmet indicative of his efforts in battle?”

From the dev team:
“Zero is looking super stylish here, between the costume and poses you’ve chosen. It’s not every day that you see Zero taking a break like this either!”

All three of our grand prize winners will be receiving a Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Limited Edition from Japan as outlined in our initial contest post. Congratulations to all three! That said, we had so many great entries, we couldn’t just leave it at that, so we picked a few more that really stood out and asked the dev staff to provide comments on those, too.

Here are our honorable mentions:

Art by @BoyGhiaccio

From the dev team:
“This representation of Zero is unforgettable thanks to the personal touches and interpretation you’ve added. We’d love to see how Model ZX and Model A from the Mega Man ZX series look when drawn in this same vein.”

Art by @Killy_1228

From the dev team:
“It’s almost as though you can hear what Prairie is saying in each frame with the variety of expressions you’ve given her. Glasses suit her quite well, too.”

Plushes by @SupernovaSwirls

From the dev team:
“Both Model ZX and Model Z have been skillfully crafted down to the finest of details. Was it difficult to create such realistic Biometals out of these materials? You can definitely use this to Megamerge with Model ZX!”

Art by @ZeroZx59694231

From the dev team:
“Did you make these out of paper? We think you did a fantastic job recreating these in such fine detail. If you make Model H and Model L, please post them. We’d love to see them!”

Cosplay by @TekunoTheSecond

From the dev team:
“We think you’ve done a truly admirable job recreating the complex shapes of Model ZX’s helmet. If you have any full-body shots of you in this cosplay, we’d love to see those, too.”

Art by @guillenineteen

From the dev team:
“The digitalization of Zero’s hair in this art piece is really intriguing. The feel of Omega’s ominous presence in the background will certainly evoke certain emotions for those who’ve played these games, too.”

Photo by @MattJMcBride

From the dev team:

“These photos are truly overflowing with love for the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series! We appreciate your dedication and look forward to your continued support of the Mega Man brand.”

And there you have it! There were dozens and dozens of entries, and it was incredibly difficult to shrink it down to the three grand prize winners and our seven honorable mentions. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an entry! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Mega Man is nothing without the fans, and you all really showed some amazing talent. For even more entries, check out the #ZeroZXContest tag on Twitter, and be sure to show some love to all the people who shared their amazing cosplay, artwork, photographs, and more. We aren’t able to show every single entry here, but you can brighten someone’s day by letting them know you appreciate what they do!

That’s all for the time being, but when things look rough, think of what Ciel would do – she’d do her best to make this world a better place.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection: The Road to S Rank!

It’s been about a month since the release of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Remember that hidden stage in Z Chaser that we revealed in our Launch Trailer? We’ve got info on how to unlock it, and tips on how to get top times in Z Chaser!

Here’s how to unlock the above stage, and it’s easier than you think:

Clear all 12 available stages in Z Chaser with an S Rank or better!

Think that’s not so simple?

In order to help you out, we spoke with “The Chasers” – Capcom staff who recorded Z Chaser’s ghost data – about how to clear each stage with an S Rank. Follow these tips, and you, too, can unlock the hidden Mega Man Antique stage!

Advice Applicable to All Stages

Find Your Optimal Button Configuration!

Here’s one example. The game’s Producer, Director, and the Chasers all use this configuration.

Did you know that you can adjust your button configuration before you start playing? If not, sorry that this wasn’t more clear.

You can adjust your button configuration via the Settings menu. Keep in mind that you can’t adjust your buttons once each course begins, so make sure to choose the configuration that works best for you beforehand.

Dash + Jump Works Better Than a Series of Dashes

If you dash several times in succession, you’ll notice that your character stands up for a split second between dashes. This actually ends up adding on to your overall time. If you jump right after you dash instead, you can shave some time off your run. The time difference is really minimal, but it can be the key to successfully achieving an S Rank.

Leverage Boss Weaknesses to Cut Down Your Time

The most effective way to cut down your time is to defeat bosses quickly.

Watch how the ghost data moves in Z Rank and ZZ Rank, and do your best to mimic these movements where you can.

Individual Stage Advice

Mega Man Zero: Normal (Disposal Center)

This is an enemy called “Contrainer”.

On top of the abandoned building, you’ll encounter an enemy called “Contrainer”, which acts as a weather control device. If you hit the green crystal on top with a single Buster Shot, the wind will change direction. This will help you move more quickly through the stage.

There’s a series of ladders at this point in the stage. The S Rank ghost doesn’t use all of the ladders, so this is a chance for you to shave off some time.

There’s a series of ladders at one point in the stage, but it’s faster using wall jumps to clear this area. Changing the wind’s direction to a tailwind will make it easier to use wall jumps here.

Mega Man Zero: Hard (Neo Arcadia Core)

Three of the twelve playable Z Chaser stages include boss rushes. This is one of them. As suggested before, watch how the Z Rank and ZZ Rank ghost data moves, and study how they defeat each boss. After that, concentration is key!

Mega Man Zero 2: Normal (Forest of Notus)

Use whatever items and tools you can!

Before starting this course, select “Ultimate Form” from the Settings menu. This alone should make this strategy significantly easier for you.

 This enemy is especially smart and dangerous.

Smaller enemies in this stage are pretty strong, so it’s important to continuously charge your Z Saber for attacks while you move through the stage. If it’s difficult for you to charge while doing other things, try adjusting your button settings.

Mega Man Zero 2: Hard (Shuttle Factory)

Use the effects of the Ice Chip to freeze Magma Packets.

Select “Ultimate Form” as your form, and equip “Ice Chip” as your element.

You can use an Ice Chip charged shot to freeze magma packets and use them as platforms. Doing this will drastically decrease the level of danger in this stage.

Jump at this exact moment!

You’ll face Fighting Fefnir as the boss in this stage, so we recommend changing your element to the Thunder Chip when taking him on.

Here’s one point of advice when facing this strong opponent. Fighting Fefnir attacks by shooting pillars of fire from the ground, which will move in Zero’s direction. You can avoid them by jumping over them at just the right moment. If the flames are too far away, you won’t be able to clear them and will take damage instead.

Mega Man Zero 3: Normal (Oceanic Highway Ruins)

The terrain here is challenging. Beware of spikes and other hazards as you progress through the stage.

Both the route and terrain in this stage are challenging. Watch the ghost data and completely familiarize yourself with your route. It’s also important to continually charge your weapon while dashing, and take down the smaller enemies that stand in your way.

Mega Man Zero 3: Hard (Weil’s Research Laboratory)

This is another boss rush stage. Your best bet is to watch the Z Rank and ZZ Rank ghost data’s movements, but Zero also has EX Skills in Mega Man Zero 3! EX Skills pack a punch, so they can help you take down enemies even faster than leveraging their weaknesses.

Mega Man Zero 4: Normal (Hanging Gardens)

The Ice Javelin will keep going for a bit, even if you destroy an enemy with it. How convenient!

For this stage, equip the Ice Javelin EX Skill and use it effectively.

Ice Javelins from charged Buster Shots move at the same speed as Zero when he dashes. If you consciously attack and keep the Ice Javelin in front of you, you can use it as an alternative to your shield. This stage’s boss is weak to ice, so we strongly recommend using this against him.

Mega Man Zero 4: Hard (Teleporter Circuit)

Take a small amount of damage and escape. Think of how to use taking damge to your advantage!

There are several hazards in this stage, so decreasing the time it takes you to reach the boss is important here. Memorizing the terrain and your route will of course be helpful. Another effective method is using the temporary invincibility that comes from taking damage, ignoring enemies’ attacks, and moving forward. If you equip the Body Chip’s Extend skill, this momentary invincibility will last a bit longer, giving you an additional advantage.

Mega Man ZX: Normal (Area H: Amusement Park)

You can’t do long-range attacks, but Model HX sure can move!

In this stage, Model HX’s high-speed movements can come in handy. Model HX also has a special skilled called Plasma Cyclone that can be used to generate tornadoes. This attack gives you an advantage during the boss fight and can help shorten your time in this stage.

Mega Man ZX: Hard (Area L: Research Lab)

There are several instances early in the stage where you’ll need to break containers with your Buster, so we recommend Model FX or Model ZX.

That device on the right side of the screen flips your directional inputs. Make sure to shut it down.

Mid-stage, you’ll encounter an antenna sending out signals. Shut it down by hitting it with a Buster Shot. In particular, blue-colored Jammer Parabolas can scramble your controls, so do what you can to destroy them.

The ghost data uses Model PX, but we strongly recommend Model HX!

When you enter the fourth area of this stage, you’ll find an area rife with spikes. Megamerge with Model HX here. Use dashes and hover skills to clear this area.

Mega Man ZX Advent: Normal (Control Center)

Taking full advantage of the A-Trans feature makes all the difference in this stage.

The ivy in the middle of the screen is important. Time to transform into Rospark!

The S Rank ghost data uses the elevator in this stage, but it’s faster to use A-Trans and transform into Rospark the Floroid to climb up the ivy ahead of the elevator. Ashe climbs the ivy faster than Grey, giving her a slight advantage.

Technique is important in this area. Make use of Buckfire’s abilities here!

Transforming into Buckfire the Gaxelleroid is best for using wall kicks to climb. Rospark the Floroid is effective for taking down the last boss, so take advantage of A-Trans and cut down your overall time.

Mega Man ZX Advent: Hard (Ouroboros)

This is the last boss rush stage in Z Chaser. Unfortunately, all we can say here is, “Good luck!” Use all of the techniques you’ve learned, mimic the Z Rank and ZZ Rank ghost data, and achieve that S Rank finish!

We hope these tidbits for each stage were helpful. Are you ready to unlock and take on the Mega Man Antique stage in Z Chaser? R.O.C.K. On!

Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang smash into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Get ready, Hunters! The third Free Title Update for Iceborne (version 13.00) is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (coming to PC on April 9th), bringing you two of the toughest challenges in the game: Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang!

For an overview on what’s included in this update as well as a sneak peek of what’s to come, watch our latest Developer Diary below. And make sure to read the version 13.00 Patch Notes for even more details.

Raging Brachydios β Armor
Furious Rajang
Furious Rajang β Armor

Looking ahead, we’ve also updated our Title Update Roadmap. Check it out:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – 2020 Tile Update Roadmap

Stay safe and good luck, Hunters!

Explore Raccoon City na demo de Resident Evil 3 a partir de 19 de março!

Raccoon City espera por você na demo de Resident Evil 3, chegando ao PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC a partir de 19 de março, com beta aberto de Resident Evil Resistance a partir de 27 de março!

Temos o prazer de anunciar que esta demo altamente antecipada de Resident Evil 3 está a poucos dias de distância. Apresentando uma parte do jogo completo que será lançado em 3 de abril, você jogará como Jill Valentine, enquanto ela tenta escapar desesperadamente da infestada Raccoon City. Embora haja um pouco mais de foco na ação em Resident Evil 3, você não vai querer usar armas o tempo todo, pois precisará economizar munição e itens se quiser ter chance de sobreviver. Prepare-se para uma rápida viagem a Raccoon City em 19 de março!

E isso não é tudo! Um beta aberto de Resident Evil Resistance começa em 27 de março, oferecendo a todos a chance de experimentar este jogo de terror cooperativo assimétrico, ambientado no universo de Resident Evil. Assuma o papel de um Sobrevivente como parte de uma equipe de quatro pessoas tentando escapar de um experimento nefasto, projetado para levá-los ao seu limite. Se você está se sentindo sinistro, assuma o controle do Vilão, assistindo os Sobreviventes progredirem através das câmeras enquanto tenta impedir sua fuga colocando armadilhas, criaturas e manipulando o ambiente a seu favor.

Você não terá que esperar muito maisResident Evil 3, com Resident Evil Resistance incluído, chega ao PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Steam a partir de 3 de abril de 2020!

Capcom Pro Tour DLC Returns for 2020, Contributes to Capcom Cup Prize Pool! New stage, Costumes, and more in the CPT 2020 DLC

Spring has nearly sprung, which means it’s time for an all-new CPT DLC package! As is tradition, a portion of the CPT 2020 DLC sales will contribute towards the prize pool for Capcom Cup 2020, the final competition on the Capcom Pro Tour. As always, we appreciate all the fans that help us grow the prize pool.

This year’s CPT DLC package includes new costumes for Lucia, Gill and the Champion’s Choice costume based on a design inspired by Capcom Cup 2019 champion Idom to be revealed and released in July. Also releasing in July, will be the new and yet-to-be announced stage. The new CPT 2020 costumes for Lucia and Gill will be available starting March 24.

The new stage and three new costumes can be purchased separately or as a bundle. In addition to those items, fans who purchase the bundle will receive (beginning March 24) custom CPT 2020 titles, player profile cards, new color for characters from all previous and current seasons, and 10,000 in-game Fight Money.

Capcom Pro Tour Costumes

  • Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Costume: Lucia – $5.99/€5.99/£4.99
  • Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Costume: Gill – $5.99/€5.99/£4.99
  • Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Costume: Idom’s Champion’s Choice Costume – $5.99/€5.99/£4.99

New Capcom Pro Tour Stage – $9.99/€9.99/£7.99

Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Premier Pass – $19.99/€19.99/£15.99

Includes the items listed above, as well as:

  • New color for all 40 characters
  • 5 Exclusive Titles
  • 2 Exclusive Fighter Profile Themes
  • A bonus of 10,000 Fight Money

For the latest schedule, visit: capcomprotour.com/schedule/

To join us on the streams, visit:




Intel World Open qualifier sign-ups are now live. Your path to Tokyo begins now! Head to www.intelworldopen.gg/street-fighter-v/ to register today.

Tournament Structure

  • Territory Qualifiers: 12 territories have been selected to form teams. The territory qualifiers will begin in March and determine each territories’ three best players who will come together and form the team representing that territory.  Territory qualifiers are single player matches with the winning teams being formed from the top players on the Intel World Open leaderboard. The territory qualifiers will last nine weeks, and is capped at 512 participants.  Once the final territory teams form, they advance to Poland in June for the live semi-finals.

Territory Qualifier Schedule

Dominican RepublicXXX
Chinese Hong KongXXXXXXX
Chinese TaipeiXXXXX
  • Regional Qualifiers: Players outside of the 12 pre-selected territory teams can participate through the regional qualifier process that will take place between March and May.  Regional Qualifiers are team-based matches.  Teams will need to form before entering the qualifiers, and the top teams from the eight regions will advance to the semi-finals in Poland.

Regional Qualifier Schedule

Europe 2XXXXX
Middle East & AfricaXXX
North AmericaXXXXXXXXX
Central AmericaXXX
South America XXXXX
Asia XXX
Oceania XXX

Japan Qualifier: Japan, as the host country, will have the final guaranteed spot at the Intel World Open Live Final in Tokyo. Japan qualifiers are single player matches with the winning team being formed from the top players on the Intel World Open leaderboard.

Japan Qualifier Schedule

  • Live Qualifier in Katowice, Poland: The final qualifier brings together the winning teams formed from the territory and regional qualifiers to determine who advances to the final Intel World Open event in Tokyo. The live qualifiers will be held June 18-21, 2020 in Katowice, Poland.
  • Intel World Open Finals: The main event takes place in July 22-24, 2020 at the Zepp DiverCity venue in Japan where qualifying teams will participate in a two-day, tournament. The overall winners will claim the majority share of the $250,000 USD prize pool.

DuckTales: Remastered is quack… we mean, BACK on digital storefronts!

Woo hoo! DuckTales: Remastered has returned to digital storefronts, and is once again available to purchase for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility), Wii U and Steam!

With DuckTales: Remastered back on digital storefronts, join Scrooge McDuck on out-of-this-world adventures with his nephews and niece in search of mystery, adventure, and treasure.

If you missed this gem the first time around, now’s the perfect time to dive in. Calling back to the golden age of 8-bit gaming and Saturday morning cartoons, DuckTales: Remastered features hand-drawn animated sprites that bring each character to life in a vibrant world. Duckburg and the many exotic locales you’ll visit have never looked better thanks to hand-painted backgrounds from the original cartoon. The original Disney Character Voice talent reprise their roles from the cartoon with pitch-perfect performances… you’ll swear you’ve stepped into an episode of the classic DuckTales cartoon!

Keeping with the gameplay of the 8-bit classic, you can platform and pogo-jump your way through fantastic locales while enjoying modern touches and gameplay improvements as Scrooge and family search for the five Legendary Treasures. When you’re in between adventures, make sure to take a swan – er, duck – dive into Scrooge’s famous money bin as his wealth grows with each successful escapade!

If you missed out on this colorful reimagining the first time around, now’s a great time to see what you’ve been missing out on. DuckTales: Remastered is once again available for download on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility), Wii U and Steam!

Competition Rules for Mega Man Zero/ZX Community Heroes Competition

These Competition Rules set out the rules that govern the Mega Man Zero/ZX Community Heroes Competition (“Competition”). They must be read together with the Capcom General Terms and Conditions for Online and Social Media Promotions available at http://www.capcom.com/capcom/legal_privacy/contest_rules.html and which are incorporated herein by reference.  If there is any inconsistency between these Competition Rules and the Capcom General Terms and Conditions for Online and Social Media Promotions, then these Competition Rules will take precedence but only to the extent of such inconsistency.

1.      Competition Description.  Persons residing in North, South, or Central America (each, an “Entrant”) may submit a maximum of one (1) entry consisting of a digital photograph or video showing any of the following creative works:

     i.          A digital or traditional drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture, or similar visual art (“Artwork”) related to Capcom’s videogame series “Mega Man Zero” or “Mega Man ZX”;

     ii.          A costume made, in full or in part, by hand where one or more person is representing a character from Capcom’s videogame series “Mega Man Zero” or “Mega Man ZX”; (“Cosplay”);  

     iii.          A sketch, skit, dramatic reading, song, or other short-form production recorded via video, no longer than sixty (60) seconds in length related to Capcom’s videogame series “Mega Man Zero” or “Mega Man ZX” (“Video”); or

     iv.         Any product featuring characters from, and/or related to Capcom’s videogame series “Mega Man Zero” or “Mega Man ZX” (“Picture”);

Each individual entry consisting of a digital photography or video of Artwork, Cosplay, Video, or Picture will be referred to as an “Entry.”

2.      Entry Submission Requirements.  Each Entry must be uploaded to Twitter (and by no other means) in accordance with the following instructions:

     i.              Log in to your Twitter account and upload your Entry to your respective account. See individual platform guidelines for specific instructions on how to upload a video.

     ii.             Post a tweet with a link to your Entry and include the hashtag “#ZeroZXContest”. Your tweet must include the hashtag to be eligible.

     iii.            You must be an active holder of a non-private Twitter account to enter this Competition (i.e., you must make sure your tweets are set to “public” and not “private”). If you do not have a Twitter account, you can create one by visiting www.twitter.com. Twitter accounts are free.  By submitting an Entry, you agree to be bound by the applicable Twitter terms of service and privacy policy.

Limit one (1) Entry per person. Duplicate entries by the same person through multiple accounts will be subject to disqualification.  Entries which are not compliant with these Competition Rules will be rejected.  If there is any omission or false statement, Capcom may withdraw its selection of the Entry.  Multiple Entrants are not permitted to share the same Twitter account. Any attempt by any Entrant to obtain more than the stated number of entries by using multiple/different Twitter accounts, identities, registrations and logins, or any other methods will void that Entrant’s entries and that Entrant may be disqualified. Use of any automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification. In the event of a dispute as to any Twitter account, the authorized account holder of the email address used to register on the platform will be deemed to be the Entrant. The “authorized account holder” is the natural person assigned an email address by an Internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted address. Each potential winner may be required to show proof of being the authorized account holder. No automated entry devices and/or programs permitted.

3.      Competition Prize.   The Grand Prize(s) for winning the Competition are one (1) of three (3) Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection: e-Capcom Limited Editions, selected and provided at Capcom U.S.A.’s sole discretion (each, a “Prize”). A Capcom representative will contact the three (3) Grand Prize winners within twenty (20) days of the announcement of the winner(s) to explain to the winner(s) the full details of the Prize in due course. The monetary value of each Prize is approximately $130 USD.   

4.      Competition Period. The Competition is open from 12:00 PM PST, February 28th, 2020 and closes 11:59 PM PST on March 13th, 2020. Entries submitted before this period has begun or after this period has ended may be qualified at Capcom’s sole discretion.

5.     Eligibility. The Competition is open to legal residents of the countries in North America, Central America, and South America, except for (i) employees of Capcom, their families, agents or anyone professionally connected with the Competition or (ii) residents in any such country where local laws prohibit or restrict participation in the Competition. The Competition is open to all individuals thirteen (13) years old and older.  All Entrants must be at least thirteen (13) years old, but under the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they live (a “Minor”) must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to register for, submit an Entry, and participate in the Competition.

6.Competition Winner.Three (3) Grand Prize winners will be selected by a panel of Capcom staff on the basis of originality and creativity among all eligible Entries received during the Competition period. Capcom may disqualify any Entry, even after winning the Prize, where it determines that the Artwork, Cosplay, Video, or Picture:

      i.        infringes intellectual property rights or any other rights of a third party;

     ii.        has been submitted to another contest, assigned to a third-party, licensed to a third party, or  released to the public (e.g. via a previous posting on a website, social media platform, or blog);

    iii.        offends against public order or decency;

    iv.        does not comply with these Competition Rules; or

     v.        is inappropriate to the Competition for any other reason as determined in Capcom’s sole discretion.

7.Winner Notification.The three (3) Grand Prize winners will be notified between March 13th and March 20th via a Direct Message from a Capcom representative, to the Twitter account from which the respective Entry was submitted.  Notified winners must respond to the selection message to validate their contact details. Winners must claim their Prize by responding within seven (7) days of first contact and execute an Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release. Winners’ names will be available on request by e-mailing contest@capcom.com. If the winner doesn’t reply to Capcom by the designated date, the winner will be deemed to have declined the Prize.  In that case, the winner will forfeit the rights to receive the Prize and Capcom may select a new winner in its sole discretion. If the winner replies to Capcom, Capcom will endeavor to deliver the Prize to the winner within thirty (30) days thereof.

Even if an Entry does not win the Competition, Capcom may still contact the Entrant if the Artwork, Cosplay, Video, or Picture is of high quality. Capcom cannot answer any questions about the process or reason of the winner selection, and all selections are made in Capcom’s sole discretion.

If a Canadian resident is selected to win a Prize, that person must also answer correctly, within a five (5) minute time period, a mathematical skill-testing question without the benefit of any calculating devices before the prize will be awarded.

8.      Personal Information.Competition data is handled by Capcom.  In addition to the rights granted under Section 11, below,names and email addresses of Entrants to this Competition will be used for the following purposes by Capcom, its agents and/or its related, affiliated or subsidiary companies:

  1. For selection and notification of a winner; and
  2. Online or in print publication in connection with this Competition.

In addition to the above purposes, we store your personal data included in emails sent or received by our email address (contest@capcom.com) for archival purposes, which is for our legitimate interests in keeping an archive of our general correspondence. 

Capcom may share your personal data with its contractors or other service providers solely for the purposes specified above.  In addition, Capcom may from time to time share your personal data with other Capcom affiliates, including Capcom Co., Ltd. The Entrant gives permission to be contacted by Capcom Co., Ltd. for rights treatment. Capcom will ensure that such recipients will be bound by appropriate safeguards, mainly either standard data protection clauses or binding corporate rules approved by the European Commission, Privacy Shield Program or California Consumer Privacy Act. 

9.      Representations of Originality. By submitting an Entry, you represent and warrant that: except for any Capcom content or intellectual property from which you may have taken inspiration to create your Entry, (i) you own the Artwork, Cosplay, Video, or Picture, or otherwise have obtained all required rights, consents, permissions and clearances necessary to grant the assignment set forth in Section 10, below, (ii) if the Entry includes images of you and others, you have secured from each of the others all required rights, consents, permissions and clearances necessary to grant the license set forth in Section 11, below;  (iii) your Entry does not violate any third party rights, including intellectual property rights, (iv) submitting your Entry to Capcom and any use thereof by Capcom will not violate any third party rights, and (v) you will provide to Capcom, at Capcom’s request, written confirmation that you have obtained all required rights, consents, permissions and clearances referenced in Sections 9(i) and 9(ii), above.  You agree to pay all royalties, fees, and any other monies owed to any third party by reason of any Entry submitted by you.  You acknowledge that you do not own the rights to any Mega Man, Mega Man Zero, or Mega Man ZX game graphics or other content or any other Capcom character, theme, music, video, game, artwork, sound effect, other creative asset or intellectual property, or Mega Man or any other Capcom titles from which you may have taken inspiration to create your Entry, and that such remains the property of Capcom or its licensors.

10.   Assignment to Capcom.  By submitting an Entry, you hereby irrevocably assign, convey and otherwise transfer, and will assign, convey and otherwise transfer, to Capcom U.S.A., Inc.  all rights, title and interests worldwide in and to the Entry and all proprietary rights therein, including without limitation, all copyrights, trademarks, moral rights and all contract and licensing rights, and all claims and causes of action of any kind with respect to any of the foregoing, whether now known or hereafter to become known.   To the extent any work done by Entrant hereunder falls within one or more of the categories enumerated in part (2) of the definition of a “work made for hire” in the Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 101) and any and all amendment thereto, Capcom U.S.A., Inc. and Entrant hereby expressly agree that such work shall be deemed to be a work made for hire and Capcom, U.S.A., Inc. shall be the authors of such work.

For the avoidance of doubt, you acknowledge and agree that Capcom:

      i.        Shall own all rights, title and interest in and to the Entry;

     ii.        May alter or modify the Entry, in whole or in part, in Capcom’s sole discretion; and

    iii.        Are not obligated to notify you in advance of any usage of the Entry.

11.   License to Capcom.By submitting an Entry, you hereby grant to Capcom, and each of its affiliated companies, a worldwide, nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub licensable, royalty free license to use your name, email address, city and state of residence, or other information supplied by you (“Personal Information”) to identify your Entry in the Uses, without any obligation of attribution or compensation to you.  As used herein, “Uses” shall mean the uploading and posting of your Entry (or derivative works thereof) on the Capcom Facebook page, Capcom Unity or any other site hosted or sponsored by Capcom, and otherwise the exploitation your Entry (or derivative works thereof) in any format or medium now or later developed, including, but not limited to, merchandising, events, and other promotional activities. You understand that the Uses licensed to Capcom may include: public display of your Entry on Capcom-sponsored and unrelated websites; creation of Entry collection including your Entry and the photos, video and text of other Entrants for commercial sale; and incorporation of your Entry into Capcom video game products.

12.   Disclaimer.  Capcom shall not be obligated to use your Entry in any manner other than for the Competition purposes.

13.   Release.  By submitting an Entry, you thereby release Capcom, its parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and each of their officers, directors, employees and agents (the “Capcom Group”), from any and all liability with respect to, or in any way arising from (i) your Entry (or derivative works thereof), or (ii) Capcom’s use of your Entry, your Personal Information, or your image, voice or appearance, pursuant to these Competition Rules.  You agree to never sue or assert any claim against the Capcom Group for any use of your Entry, Personal Information or your image, or appearance, pursuant to these Competition Rules.


15.   Choice of Law.  These Competition Rules shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.  Any litigation arising out of these Competition Rules or your submission of an Entry shall be brought in the appropriate courts in San Francisco County in the state of California.

16.   Exclusion. Capcom reserves the right to exclude any Entrant or any entries which it deems to be offensive or improper in any way at its sole discretion. Capcom is in no way obliged to use any Entry and reserves the right to reject participation upon suspicion of foul play and usage of the Competition.

17.   Non-Transferable Prizes. All prizes are non-transferable.  No cash alternative is available for any prize.  The choice of the prizes shall be solely at Capcom’s discretion; Capcom arranges this Competition in good faith but cannot accept any liability relating to prizes offered.

18.   Promoter. The promoter of this competition is Capcom U.S.A., Inc., 185 Berry St., Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA 94107 (Capcom).

19.   Change of Terms. Capcom reserves the right to change any term of the Competition any time with or without any cause.  This Competition is void wherever prohibited by law.

20.   Contact. If you have any questions regarding the Competition Rules, you may contact us in writing at contest@capcom.com.

21.   Confirmation.  By entering the Competition, you confirm that you have read and agreed to be bound by these Competition Rules and Capcom General Terms and Conditions for Online and Social Media Promotions available at http://www.capcom.com/capcom/legal_privacy/contest_rules.html

Put everything you’ve got into it with the Mega Man Zero/ZX Community Heroes Contest!

There’s only one Zero, but you can be a hero of your own with our latest contest! We’re looking for members of the Mega Man community to showcase their talents with a prize you’ll definitely want to get your hands on – a Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Limited Edition straight from Japan! Read on for more info and how to enter.

The Mega Man community is incredibly talented across countless fields. There’s musical remixes, re-drawn sprites, all kinds of artwork, fan games, cosplay, Mega Man-themed ballads… I could keep going, but you get the idea. So we got to thinking about how we could celebrate and share all that you do as a community, and we decided the best way was to try to highlight as much of that creativity as possible with a contest! Got a Zero-themed song you’re writing? Maybe you’ve been itching to draw Aile? Put together a Grey cosplay? Maybe you havethe craziest collection of Zero and ZX game boxes and memorabilia ever? Have you posed your figures into the perfect action scene? We want to see it, and we want you to share it so the entire community can celebrate what we all love about these games and characters. In other words: We want you to express what these games mean to you.

But this is a contest, after all, and a contest means there’s booty… er, prizes! Here’s what you’ll be in the running to win – a Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Limited Edition from Japan:

Officially, this is the Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection: e-Capcom Limited Edition, only available at the online e-Capcom store based out of Japan. As you can imagine, these are a little difficult to get a hold of in North America, so we figured it would be a fitting prize. Each one includes a (Japanese) copy of the game for Switch, an acrylic print featuring some of the most memorable villains from both the Zero and ZX games, a  of Z Saber-themed charm (either “normal” or “Omega,” chosen at random), and of course a “Double Hero” bust of Zero and Vent in his Megamerged ZX form. It makes for one heck of a conversation starter.

This Limited Edition is something truly special, and a panel of Capcom staff will be picking three of our favorite entries to win this exceptional prize – no easy task for us considering what you all are capable of. It’s your job to make our job harder in that regard, so we’re looking forward to seeing what all of you come up with!

Remember – the goal isn’t to necessarily show us the objectively best piece of art / music / cosplay / performance art / figures posed in a cool way / etc., but rather to express what these games mean to you.

How To Enter
Post your entry to Twitter using the hashtag #ZeroZXContest – easy! We’ll be using that tag to look for entries, so please make sure it’s spelled correctly in your post. For the sake of describing the contest, we’re looking for entries that can qualify as artwork, cosplay, a video, or an image of your personal stash of Zero and/or ZX games, figures, and the like. Only one entry per person, so make it count!

Since there’s been plenty of great fan creations posted over the last week for the launch of the game, we don’t want to leave you out of luck if you’ve already shared something creative this past week. In this case, quote retweet your post with the hashtag #ZeroZXContest to be entered. We’ll consider content that was posted as far back as February 22nd, 2020 when it comes to selecting entries for the contest.

The contest runs for two weeks, now through 11:59 PM PST on March 13th, 2020, so don’t want too long to get your entry in.

There are additional legal lines you should know about before you enter, too. We encourage you to read through them here:
Competition Rules for Mega Man Zero/ZX Community Heroes Competition

We’ll be in close contact with the winners to coordinate sending out prizes as soon as they arrive and winners have been decided, so we recommend following @MegaMan on Twitter so we can easily contact you. We’ll also be sharing winning entries and other favorites via the Capcom Unity Blog and on Mega Man social channels, so be sure you’re okay with us sharing your creation before submitting anything.

That’s it for now, so put everything you’ve got into it!

Bust Some Bosses with Tips and Tricks for Mega Man Zero

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is finally out for PS4, XB1, Switch, and PC via Steam! How have you been enjoying the games so far? For newcomers, the first Mega Man Zero game might be a bit difficult, so don’t be afraid to use the Casual Scenario Mode and Assist-Save features to play each game at your own pace. Some of you out there surely want to experience these games at their original difficulty and level of challenge, so here are few tips and tricks for defeating some of the earlier bosses in Mega Man Zero!

■ Aztec Falcon

One of the keys to defeating Aztec Falcon is using the walls to your advantage. When Aztec Falcon approaches from the opposite end of the screen, jump up the wall, then leap over him to slash him from behind with your Z Saber. Repeat this process, and you should be able to take him down.

You’ll need a bit of technical skill to strike Aztec Falcon from behind this way, so make sure to practice – you can use Assist-Save if you’d like to get some practice in, too!

Beware his vacuum attack. Repeatedly dash in the opposite direction to make sure you don’t get sucked in.

Another way to defeat Aztec Falcon is to charge your Zero Buster while repeatedly wall jumping, then blast him when he attaches himself to the opposite wall.

You’ll definitely need some technical skill to charge your Zero Buster while performing wall jumps, so choose whichever combat approach works best for you.

■ Pantheon Core

The key pattern for defeating this boss is to wait until it finishes spouting fire to approach and slash it with your Z Saber. After two short bursts of fire, Pantheon Core will follow with a longer fire attack. This is your moment to escape to the far left side of the screen to unleash a charged Buster attack. After this longer fire attack, the floor panels will raise individually, attempting to crush you into the spikes above. You can avoid demise by moving forward one segment at a time. If you repeat this process, you can destroy the Pantheon Core!

■ Anubis Necromancess the Third

Anubis Necromancess attacks by throwing his staff at Zero. After this attack, he teleports to the other side of the screen, so you can effectively use that moment to do some damage with your Z Saber. His movement patterns can change, but he typically repeats the teleporting pattern above. Use your Z Saber and Zero Buster to dispose of the enemies he summons.

Dust clouds telegraph where spiked pillars will rise from the sand, so dash to evade them. If you find yourself in between two pillars, jump from the highest point on the ground, and wall jump up one of the pillars to avoid being crushed. If you try to escape by jumping from lower spots, you’ll definitely take some damage!

■ Maha Ganeshariff

In order to defeat Maha Ganeshariff, it’s important to safely evade each of his various attacks. You can disrupt his pendulum attack by using your Z Saber to cut the wire from which he swings.

For his rolling attack, a perfectly timed jump will help you avoid damage, but you’ll have to carefully dodge the bombs that follow. Maha Ganeshariff always drops bombs in designated locations, so there are safe points you can use to escape. In other words, if you dodge his rolling attack in this “safe zone,” you don’t have to worry about the bombs. Check out the video above to get a sense of where these safe areas are.

Maha Ganeshariff’s hand slap attack won’t hurt you if you’re far enough from him, so attack him from afar with a charged Buster shot. You’ll have a chance to land a massive attack on him once he stops! Use this opportunity to go to town with your Z Saber.

One more thing: you won’t be able to dodge Maha Ganeshariff’s attacks if you fight at the edge of the screen. Make sure you stick to the middle of the screen during combat.

■ Guard Orotic

Guard Orotic’s attacks always come from the right first, so escape to the left and then prepare yourself to escape to the right from the equivalent left-side attack. After evading two attacks, use your Z Saber to attack Guard Orotic’s core. You should be able to defeat him if you follow this pattern.

Evading attacks from the blue and green arms can be difficult while standing opposite from the attacking arm. In these instances, you’ll have better luck avoiding damage by standing behind the attacking arm on the same side (e.g., on the left side of the screen when the left arm attacks).

So, what do you think? Hopefully these tips will make it a bit easier to clear some of the earlier stages in Mega Man Zero. Regardless of which boss you fight, moving around recklessly will result in taking damage. Move in response to your opponents’ patterns so you can plan a counter-attack to unleash some serious damage.

Once you’ve successfully mastered these tips, we’d love for you to try your hand at completing each of the six games in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection and get your fastest time on the leaderboards in Z Chaser. Best of luck!

MISSION START! Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection já disponível!

Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection já está disponível para Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC via Steam! Seis jogos, incluindo os quatro jogos Mega Man Zero e os dois jogos Mega Man ZX, juntos em uma excelente coleção!

Um herói renascido

Situado no futuro, depois dos jogos Mega Man X, junte-se a Zero enquanto ele acorda de um longo sono para descobrir fragmentos de seu passado esquecido. Com a ajuda da brilhante cientista Ciel, você usará o Sabre Z para acabar com a regra opressiva do líder cruel de Neo Arcadia – e descobrir uma trama muito mais profunda à medida que avança em cada jogo. Aprenda mais sobre o que aconteceu com personagens como X à medida que avança e descubra inimigos aterrorizantes como Omega e Dark Elf.

Zero não luta sozinho enquanto a saga dos quatro jogos se desenrola. Você encontrará Cyber-elfos, sprites amigáveis que podem ajudar Zero em sua jornada e mudar a maneira como você joga. Você também precisará de toda a ajuda que conseguir – com inimigos difíceis e batalhas mais difíceis pela frente, todas as suas habilidades serão postas à prova! Jogue bem e você será recompensado com novos movimentos e habilidades para usar ao progredir.

Uma nova geração

Os jogos Mega Man ZX acontecem algumas centenas de anos após os eventos dos jogos Mega Man Zero, onde humanos e Reploids finalmente começaram a viver em paz… Até que uma ameaça milenar surge mais uma vez. Nos dois jogos, você aprenderá sobre uma nova geração de heróis e vilões que têm seu próprio poder: a capacidade de criar “MegaMerges” com artefatos poderosos de uma época passada conhecidos como Biometals.

Clássicos modernos

Se você está procurando algo um pouco menos intenso, uma nova opção de “Cenário casual” pode ser ativada para cada jogo, reduzindo a dificuldade e adicionando uma variedade de recursos úteis que são ótimos para jogadores mais jovens ou aqueles que querem curtir a história. Se você não tiver muito tempo para jogar, o recurso “Save-Assist” colocará pontos de verificação úteis ao longo de cada jogo, facilitando a retomada de onde você parou ou enfrentando uma seção difícil sem perder muito progresso. O poder de como você quer jogar está em suas mãos!

Por falar nisso, existem vários filtros visuais para alternar a qualquer momento. Use os pixels originais ou mude para um filtro de suavização para obter uma sensação visual mais moderna. Há também um filtro CRT para uma boa aparência retrô! Vários layouts de tela também estão disponíveis para os jogos Mega Man ZX, permitindo que você personalize a aparência de cada jogo.

Além dos seis jogos, você também terá acesso a um novo modo criado apenas para Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection: o Modo Z Chaser! Este modo de corrida desafia você a terminar as etapas o mais rápido possível! Além de jogar em vários estágios em versus local, você também poderá acessar as tabelas de classificação online para coletar dados de rivais em todo o mundo!

Se você precisar desacelerar após uma corrida emocionante até o final, também poderá conferir uma galeria com centenas de obras de arte, um tocador de música com composições dos seis jogos (e novas faixas feitas apenas para esta coleção) e até versões internacionais de cada jogo no menu principal com o pressionar de um botão.

O que você está esperando? Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection já está disponível digitalmente no Brasil para Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC via Steam, então pegue uma cópia e confira todas as seis aventuras, o novo modo Z Chaser e muito mais!

MISSION START! Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is out now!

Let’s go.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is out now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam! Six games, including all four Mega Man Zero games and both Mega Man ZX games Megamerge into one excellent collection for $29.99! You can grab a copy digitally or from your local retailer on console now, and read on for more info on what this excellent collection includes.

A Hero Reborn
Set far in the future after the Mega Man X games, join Zero as he wakes up from a long slumber to uncover fragments of his forgotten past. With the help of the brilliant scientist Ciel, you’ll take up your Z Saber to put an end to the oppressive rule of Neo Arcadia’s vicious leader – and uncover a much deeper plot as you progress through each game. Learn more about what happened to characters like X as you go, and discover terrifying foes like Omega and the twisted Dark Elf.

Zero won’t be fighting alone as the four-game saga unfolds. Alongside the friends and foes that Zero will encounter, you’ll also meet Cyber-elves, friendly sprites that can aid Zero on his journey and change how you play in a variety of ways across each game. You’ll need all the help you can get, too – with tough enemies and tougher battles ahead, all of your skills will be put to the test! Play well, and you’ll be rewarded with new moves and abilities to use as you progress.

A New Generation
The Mega Man ZX games pick up a few hundred years after the events of the Mega Man Zero games, where humans and Reploids have finally started to live in peace… until an age-old threat rears its ugly head once again. Across both games, you’ll learn about a new generation of heroes and villains that have their own unique power: the ability to Megamerge with powerful artifacts from a bygone era known as Biometals.

Drawing on power from the heroes of the past, you’ll take on the role of Aile or Vent in Mega Man ZX as they fight the Maverick menace and stop the rise of a new villain wielding a relic of their own. Several years later, join Ashe or Gray as they discover a new relic, Biometal Model A, and fight to learn more about who they are and their role as a Mega Man, one of a few chosen ones who can use Biometals.

Modern Classics
If you’re looking for something a bit less intense, a new “Casual Scenario” option can be turned on for each game, reducing difficulty and adding a variety of helpful features that are great for younger players, those who want to enjoy the story, or for a variety of other reasons. If you don’t have much time to play, the “Save-Assist” feature will place helpful checkpoints throughout each game, making it easy to pick up where you left off or tackle a tough section without losing a bunch of progress. The power of how you want to play is in your hands!

Speaking of, there are multiple visual filters to switch between at any time. Stick with the original pixels, or switch to a smoothing filter for a more modern visual feel. There’s also a CRT filter for a nice retro look! Multiple screen layouts are also available for the Mega Man ZX games, allowing you to customize the look and feel of each game.

Cut to the Chase
Alongside all six games, you’ll also get access to a new mode created just for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection: Z Chaser. This unique speed-run mode challenges you to finish stages as fast as possible! Along with playing across multiple stages head-to-head in local versus, you’ll also be able to access online leaderboards to chase down ghost data from rivals all across the world!

If you need to slow down after an exciting dash to the finish, you’ll also be able to check out a gallery with hundreds of pieces of artwork, a music player with tunes from all six games (and new tracks made just for this collection), and you’ll even get access to international versions of each game at the main menu with the press of a button. There are even bonuses that replicate original hardware features, including Bonus Cards for Mega Man Zero 3 that unlock by playing through each game in the collection and Link Mode, which brings bosses from Mega Man Zero 3 and 4 into Mega Man ZX for some throwback throwdowns.

What’re you waiting for? Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, so go grab a copy and check out all six adventures, the new Z Chaser mode, and lots more!

Need some extra help getting started? Check out our Tips and Tricks blog to learn a few boss strategies for Mega Man Zero!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition e novo personagem Seth já disponíveis no PS4 e PC!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition chegou! 40 lutadores, 34 cenários e mais de 200 trajes estão à sua disposição, guerreiro! Vai encarar?

Com a chegada de uma nova iteração de Street Fighter V, surge um novo personagem, ou, neste caso, um retorno. Seth chega ao SFV: CE com uma aparência diferente da SFIV. A consciência de Seth desperta dentro do corpo da unidade Doll Zero e é equipada com um novo conjunto de movimentos.

Usando o V-Skill I de Seth, o “Tanden Engine” atrairá o oponente e o movimento de acompanhamento “Tanden Install” absorverá seus dados. Isso abre uma tonelada de variedade de combo, dependendo de quem é seu oponente. O V-Skill II é um avanço rápido que pode ser seguido com um dos movimentos especiais de Seth para criar extensões de combo.

Você notará que o corpo de Seth muda de forma ao imitar movimentos de vários personagens. Se Seth rouba movimentos de personagens maiores, o novo corpo de Doll Zero de Seth também aumenta para o tamanho deles ao usar seus ataques. Observar os músculos de Seth se expandindo ao imitar personagens como Zangief ou Abigail é realmente um espetáculo de se ver. Mesmo roubando o “Rolling Attack” de Blanka, Seth reflete algumas das tendências animalescas de Blanka.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition já está disponível física e digitalmente para PS4 e digitalmente no Steam. Há também a opção de atualização para Champion Edition para os atuais jogadores de Street Fighter V por um preço reduzido. Muito obrigado e esperamos que você goste do Seth e Street Fighter V: Champion Edition!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and New Character Seth Available Now on PS4 and PC!

Hey there Capcom Unity! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is being filled with love and happiness. Speaking of love and happiness, I want to help spread the love by happily announcing the launch of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Seth! 

If you’re new to SFV, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition can get you caught up very quickly with all available characters, stages and costumes (excluding Fight Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC), along with all the modes and features. In total Street Fighter VChampion Edition includes all 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes!

With the coming of a new iteration of Street Fighter V comes a new character, or in this case a returning one. As an avid Seth player from the days of Street Fighter IV, I’m excited to be talking about the return of Seth in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Seth arrives in SFV:CE with a different look than in SFIV. Seth’s consciousness awakens inside the body of Doll Unit Zero and is equipped with a new set of moves.

The King of Chaos returns!

Using Seth’s V-Skill I “Tanden Engine” will draw in the opponent, and the follow-up move “Tanden Install” will absorb their data. This opens up a ton of combo variety depending on who your opponent is.   V-Skill II is a fast forward dash that can be followed up with one of Seth’s special moves to create combo extensions. For a full written rundown of Seth’s abilities visit the Champion Edition announcement blog or check out these Seth Preview Videos!

Seth Preview Video:

Seth Gameplay Preview:

You’ll notice that Seth’s body changes form when mimicking moves from various characters. If Seth steals moves from bigger characters, Seth’s new Doll Unit Zero body also grows to their size when using their attacks. Watching Seth’s muscles expand when mimicking characters like Zangief or Abigail is truly a sight to behold. Even stealing Blanka’s “Rolling Attack” has Seth mirroring some of Blanka’s animalistic like tendencies.

Rolling attacks? Seth’s got those.

One of my favorite aspects of Seth is how the combo potential changes with each opponent you face. Although I am a Laura main in SFV I have been enjoying playing as Seth to steal Laura’s “Thunder Clap.” Stealing that move has allowed more combo opportunities in addition to some new mixups. Test out all of Seth’s stolen abilities and see how it fits best with your combos!

Seth’s ability to steal moves on the fly may come as a shock to some…

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available physically and digitally on PlayStation 4 and as a digital download on Steam for MSRP $29.99. For current Street Fighter V players, the Upgrade Kit for MSRP $24.99 offers INSTANT ACCESS to Seth and all available Champion Edition content.

With that, we would like to thank everyone for a great start to 2020! Please stay tuned to our social media channels for all the latest news and happenings. Thanks again and we hope you enjoy both Seth and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition!

Purchase Street Fighter V: Champion Edition:

PS4: bit.ly/SFVCE_PS4

Steam: bit.ly/SFVCE_Steam

Resident Evil Resistance – Novos Vilões e Cenários!

Estamos confirmando hoje mais dois Vilões que entram para o elenco de Resident Evil Resistance, a experiência de survival horror assimétrica de 4 vs 1 que acompanha Resident Evil 3. Os terríveis vilões de Resident Evil Alex Wesker e Ozwell Spencer vêm com seu repertório próprio de terror e habilidades especiais para impedir que os Sobreviventes escapem dos experimentos da Umbrella Corporation. Os dois completam a equipe de Vilões da Umbrella em Resident Evil Resistance, juntamente com o novato Daniel Fabron e a notória Annette Birkin, anunciados anteriormente.

Os fãs se lembrarão de Alex Wesker de Resident Evil Revelations 2, e sabem que ela usa meios indiretos para alcançar seus objetivos. Com sua mente nefasta que sujeita suas vítimas a horrores psicológicos, ela é a Vilã perfeita. O estilo de jogo de Alex se baseia em mesclar o uso de armadilhas com a manipulação do mapa para retardar os Sobreviventes com obstáculos e zumbis melhorados. Como se isso não fosse intimidação suficiente, quando as coisas ficam realmente sérias, Alex pode invocar uma violenta planta carnívora chamada Yateveo. Essa bioarma fixa pode não se mover, mas posicionada no local correto pode ser um obstáculo poderoso para evitar que os Sobreviventes escapem.

Ozwell E. Spencer tem sido um antagonista obscuro na série Resident Evil, deixando que outros façam seu trabalho sujo. Como o quarto Vilão de Resident Evil Resistance, Ozwell agora terá uma participação mais direta. Valendo-se de sua posição como um dos fundadores da Umbrella Corporation, Ozwell usa a tecnologia de ponta da empresa para atormentar os Sobreviventes. Diferente dos outros Vilões, que invocam bioarmas controláveis (Yateveo de Alex Wesker, G-Birkin com Annette Birkin e Tirano com Daniel Fabron), Ozwell gera um Campo de Desintegração que fere mortalmente qualquer Sobrevivente que ousar passar por ele.

Além dos novos Vilões, também anunciamos dois novos mapas:

Cassino: um local de entretenimento para aqueles que buscam emoções… e para Vilões deturpados. Suas máquinas caça-níqueis e fichas espalhadas pelo chão contam uma história assustadora de como o local foi evacuado rapidamente durante o colapso de Raccoon City.

Parque Abandonado: um parque temático de horror nas cercanias de Raccoon City. Ele também foi abandonado quando zumbis e bioarmas tomaram a cidade. Agora, monstros reais e imaginários aguardam visitantes pacientemente.

Em Resident Evil Resistance, um Vilão planeja um percurso mortal manejando um deck de cartas para criar obstáculos perigosos para evitar que um grupo de sobreviventes escape de experimentos nefastos. Os vilões podem invocar criaturas ferozes, posicionar armadilhas, manipular o ambiente e transformar câmeras de segurança em armas. Por sua vez, os Sobreviventes devem trabalhar em equipe usando suas habilidades especiais únicas e itens que encontrarem pelo caminho para impedir os planos do Vilão e escapar do experimento antes que o tempo se esgote.

Resident Evil Resistance estará incluso em Resident Evil 3, que chega no PS4, Xbox One e PC a partir de 3 de abril.

MHW: Iceborne and other head-bangin’ soundtracks now available stand-alone via Steam Music Player

Music aficionados, rejoice! A variety of soundtracks from our recent releases are now available to purchase as stand-alone albums via the new Steam Music Player, including the brand-new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Original Soundtrack!

Previously available only as DLC that required their respective game purchases, these soundtracks are now part of our first wave of music being converted to Steam’s new Music Player. This means you can actually enjoy a game’s rockin’ tunes without necessarily owning the full game. And to get the party started, we have even discounted some of the soundtracks for a limited time (Feb 11 ~ Feb 14 at 10am PST)!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Original Soundtrack – 10% off

Monster Hunter: World Original Soundtrack – 20% off

Devil May Cry 5 Original Soundtrack – 20% off

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – Turnabout Tunes – 20% off

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Masterworks Collection – 20% off

And here’s our latest list of available soundtracks:

Mega Man 11 Original Soundtrack

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Soundtrack

Mega Man X Sound Collection

Mega Man X2 Sound Collection

Mega Man X3 Sound Collection

Mega Man X4 Sound Collection

Mega Man X5 Sound Collection

Mega Man X6 Sound Collection

Mega Man X7 Sound Collection

Mega Man X8 Sound Collection

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Original Soundtrack

Street Fighter V Original Soundtrack

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Original Soundtrack

All soundtracks are available in a variety of formats including MP3, AAC and FLAC, offering plenty of flexibility between small file sizes and superb audio quality. Also note that if you already owned these soundtracks as part of previous DLC purchases, you get to keep them in your Steam Music Player and have access to the newly available file formats for certain soundtracks.

So head on over to our curated list of Capcom Original Soundtracks on Steam and enjoy your favorite Capcom tunes!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Lista de Conteúdo

Olá lutadores! Com Street Fighter V: Champion Edition chegando em poucos dias (14/02), queremos informar a todos o que está incluso no pacote inteiro. 40 lutadores, 34 cenários e mais de 200 trajes. A seguir, você encontra tudo o que vem com #SFVCE, incluindo uma lista mestre em arquivo único (em inglês).


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition será lançado no PS4 e PC a partir de 14 de fevereiro e inclui tudo o que está listado acima e muito mais!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Content List

Hey there fighters! With Street Fighter V: Champion Edition only a week away until release, we wanted to give you all a heads up as to what’s included in the entire package. I’m sure you’ve heard these numbers frequently from us lately, but just to reiterate, 40 characters, 34 stages, and more than 200 costumes. Over the past four years, we’ve released so much content that it might be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help you get caught up. Below you’ll find everything that’s included in Champion Edition. There is also a more concise but lengthy list you can find at the end of this blog post.


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition releases on PS4 and PC next week (on Feb 14) and includes everything listed above and more!

To purchase Street Fighter V: Champion Edition: click here

Rathalos swoops into the world of Dragalia Lost in a special event

Gather ‘round hunters, and get ready to see some familiar faces from Monster Hunter in Dragalia Lost! Here’s an overview of the event, crafted by our friends at Nintendo:

Hunting season opens in the Dragalia Lost game as Monster Hunter monsters arrive! The prince and the Felyne must stand together against the impending threat, and fight as a team when confronted by Rathalos, King of the Skies. The time has come for the prince and friends to test their hunting instincts!

The Monster Hunter: Primal Crisis event, featuring content inspired by the Monster Hunter series in the world of the Dragalia Lost game, is now live!

Event details:

  • Duration: 1/28/20 at 10 p.m. to 2/16/20 at 9:59 p.m. PT
  • Update: New quests and rewards will be added on 2/3/20 at 10 p.m.
  • Reward availability period: 1/28/20 at 10 p.m. to 2/23/20 at 9:59 p.m. PT
  • Epilogue: Available from 2/16/20 at 10 p.m. to 2/23/20 at 9:59 p.m. PT. To view the epilogue, you must complete chapter 10 of the event story.

Inspired by the Monster Hunter series

Get the 5★ dragon Rathalos and event-exclusive wyrmprints by performing blazon summons. You can also get event-exclusive weapons from the Treasure Trade that do increased damage to enemies in event quests. Smashing! What’s more, there is a stamina recovery item you can only get during this event: well-done steak! The miracle of food preservation means you’ll be able to use well-done steaks even after the event has ended.

Boss Battle with parts

In this event’s Boss Battle, you can attack separate parts of the boss enemy. Attacking these parts and demolishing them will fill your dragon gauge. Plus, collect otherworld fragments from the boss battle and use them to challenge the raid boss to get in-game rewards.

Introducing special action elements

Raid battles bring new strategies to the fight, which Monster Hunter fans might find familiar! Notte can blow the Demon Horn and apply a strength buff to your team, which can also be upgraded with a rare raid boost. Place mega barrel bombs that can deal big damage to enemies (and won’t hurt your allies). Do enough damage to parts on the raid boss to trigger the yellow stagger gauge—creating the perfect opportunity to strike!

Hunt alone or with partners in Trials

Bring your best to take on Trials, high-difficulty quests that pit you against powerful foes. Some Trials quests will have you facing off against two boss enemies at the same time, and defeating one of them will power up the remaining one. Trials come in both solo and co-op variations, with co-op unlocking for each quest once you clear it on solo. The co-op versions of the quests are only available at certain times, and you will not be able to challenge the quests unless they are available, even if you have met the requirements for co-op.

Happy Hunting!

Announcing the Monster Hunter Festa: Boston 2020 and Iceborne USA Championship, Feb 29th

Brave Hunters in the frigid land of Boston, Massachusetts, come celebrate all things Iceborne and compete in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne USA Championship!

This year, our location will be the Royale, with the event being held on February 29. Keep on reading for the full list of activities, schedule and more info:

NOTE: must be 21 years or older to attend this event.

Monster Hunter Festa: Boston 2020

Join us for a celebration of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and its amazing community (that’s you!) with a variety of activities, giveaways, themed food and special guest appearances from Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka!

Doors will open at 8:00pm EST. Make sure to show up early to check-in and make the most of your time. You can pre-register here to guarantee your spot, Pre-registration is now closed, but we’ll also be welcoming walk-ins.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne USA Championship

Time to find out who are the fastest Hunters in the US! Want to show us your chops (pun intended)? Sign up here and Sign ups are all full! If you’ve signed up, make sure to get to practicing right away!

The Qualifier quest is “Arena Master Quest 01” (Hunt a Banbaro) and takes place in the Arena, providing you with different gear loadouts: Long Sword, Hammer, Gunlance, Switch Axe, or Bow.

The Finals quest is “Aiming for the Light” (Hunt a Namielle) is an Arena Quest, but with the choice of Dual Blades, Lance, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, or Heavy Bowgun! Only the Top 4 qualifying times from the Qualifier round will have a chance at this one, so make sure you practice both quests!

We’ll be live streaming the Finals round with Namielle over at Twitch.tv/MonsterHunter, as well as our various other Monster Hunter social channels. See below for more details on the event location, timing and schedule.

Venue Location

Royale Boston
279 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116


February 29th, 2020

Master Schedule

(subject to change, all times are Eastern Standard Time)

4:00pm – Iceborne USA Championship Check-In
5:00pm to 7:00pm – Iceborne USA Championship Qualifier Round
8:00pm – Doors open to Monster Hunter Festa: Boston 2020
8:30pm – Iceborne USA Championship Finals
9:30pm – Developer Presentation and Autograph Session
11:00pm – Monster Hunter Festa: Boston 2020 concludes and the venue opens to General Public

Registration, Rules and more

For more info, rules and registration links, please head over to the official event web page: MonsterHunterFesta.com

See you there!

Grande Festival de Apreciação chega em Monster Hunter World: Iceborne!

Vistam seus chapéus de festa e preparem-se para comemorar o 2º aniversário do lançamento original de Monster Hunter: World! Os Festivais já estão montados nos dois Pontos de Encontro (Astera e Seliana), trazendo à tona o espírito festivo de todos nós!

Festival de Apreciação

O Festival de Apreciação (Ponto de Encontro de Astera, todos os jogadores) reflete o tema da estrela de uma maneira mais metafórica, com ternos elegantes para conjuntos de armaduras e o Felyne Star para o seu Amigato com vibe de celebridade. E lembre-se de receber sua apreciação diária gratuita para iluminar o céu ao caçar alguns monstros.

Grande Festival de Apreciação

O Grande Festival de Apreciação (Ponto de Encontro de Seliana, apenas Iceborne) abraça os temas cósmicos de frente com uma variedade de peças de equipamento celestial e itens cosméticos para você conquistar.

Enquanto o evento estiver no ar, reivindique seu bônus de login e complete as recompensas limitadas diárias enquanto você procura “bilhetes de gratidão” e o item “boneco de neve”. Os bilhetes de gratidão podem ser usados para criar uma variedade de equipamentos especiais:

• Armadura Astral – Este conjunto deslumbrante coberto de estrelas exala uma energia de fora deste mundo. Cada peça de armadura vem com pontos de habilidade úteis, e o bônus definido concede a você uma chance maior de ganhar recompensas especiais de Grande Apreciação: “Bilhetes de gratidão VIP”.
• Conjunto Espacial de Amigato – Dê ao seu Amigato esse equipamento brilhante para que ele possa se encaixar e festejar com o resto da equipe.
• Sky Blue Silverwisp – Um pingente brilhante que pode ser anexado às suas armas favoritas.
• Boneco de neve – Troque seus ingressos de gratidão por Boneco de neve na Fundidora Anciã e depois “construa” no campo e tenha lutas amigáveis com seus colegas de equipe… Ou com sua presa!

Ao participar de várias atividades e ajudar caçadores de baixo e alto escalão através do sistema Assistente de Caçador, você também ganhará os bilhetes VIP de gratidão acima mencionados. Eles não caem o tempo todo, então o Bônus do Conjunto de Armadura Astral realmente é útil com essas chances aumentadas. Aqui está o que você pode criar quando coletar um número suficiente deles:

• Armadura em Camadas Astral – Vista essa armadura em camadas de outro mundo para mudar apenas sua aparência, mantendo as estatísticas, habilidades e decorações da armadura selecionada existente. O melhor dos dois mundos.
• Pingentes Silverwisp – Combine os esquemas de cores de suas armas com uma seleção de variações de cores do Sky Blue Silverwisp original.
• Decoração do Quarto – Converse com sua governanta para ver a seleção completa da nova decoração da sala… E fique de olho em um conjunto gratuito de retratos de obras-primas!

Missões de Eventos

Para continuar a festa, estamos trazendo de volta quase todas as Missões de Eventos disponíveis anteriormente, além de estrearmos algumas novas! Fique de olho no quadro de missões dentro do jogo.

Ambos os Festivais ficam disponíveis até 13 de fevereiro, 20h59 (Horário de Brasília).

Divirtam-se e tenham boas caçadas!

Grand Appreciation Fest beams onto Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Put on your party hats and get ready to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the original release of Monster Hunter: World! Starting on January 23rd at 4:00pm PST (Jan 24th 00:00 GMT), we’ll be decking out both Gathering Hubs (Astera & Seliana) to bring out the starry festive spirit in all of us.

Appreciation Fest

The Appreciation Fest (Astera Gathering Hub, all players) reflects the star theme in a more metaphorical way, with super elegant Gala Suits for armor sets, and the Felyne Star set for your Palico exerting full celebrity vibes. And remember to get your daily free Appreciation Fireworks to light up the sky when out hunting some monsters.

Grand Appreciation Fest

The Grand Appreciation Fest (Seliana Gathering Hub, Iceborne only) embraces the cosmic themes head on with an assortment of celestial equipment pieces and cosmetic items for you to earn.

While the event is live, claim your Login Bonus and complete daily Limited Bounties as you hunt to get “Gratitude Tickets” and the “Snowman” item. Gratitude Tickets can be used to craft a variety of special gear:

  • Astral Armor – this dazzling set covered in stars exudes an energy from out of this world. Each armor piece comes with useful skill points, and the set bonus grants you increased chance to earn special Grand Appreciation rewards: “VIP Gratitude Tickets.”
  • Felyne Space Set – give your Palico this sparkling outfit so it can fit in and party with the rest of the crew.
  • Sky Blue Silverwisp – a shining pendant that can be attached to your favorite weapons.
  • Snowman – exchange your Gratitude Tickets for Snowman at the Elder Melder then “build” it out in the field and have friendly snowball fights with your teammates… or with your prey. Your call.

As you partake in various event related activities, and help out Low Rank & High Rank hunters via the Hunter Helper system, you’ll also earn the aforementioned VIP Gratitude Tickets. They don’t drop every time, so the Astral Armor Set Bonus really comes in handy with those increased odds. Here’s what you can craft once you collect enough of them:

  • Astral Layered Armor – put on this otherworldly layered armor to change just your looks while keeping your existing selected armor’s stats, skills, decorations, etc. The best of both worlds.
  • Silverwisp pendants – match your weapons’ color schemes with a selection of color variations of the original Sky Blue Silverwisp.
  • Room Décor – Talk to your housekeeper to see the full selection of new Room Décor… and keep an eye out for a free set of masterpiece portraits.

Event Quests

To keep the party going, we’re bringing back nearly all previously available Event Quests as well as debuting some new ones! Some key events to look out for:

  • “Flora Frostbite” – fulfill a quick delivery request of 10 Iceblooms to craft the Wyverian Ears headgear.
  • “50 Shades of White” – successfully hunt a Barioth in the Arena and get special materials to craft a dazzling assortment of weapons!
  • “Beef is Never a Mi-Steak” – Something “so tasty” is making its way back onto the menu… as a hammer! Survive this Wildspire Waste hunt to craft your own!
  • “A Shocking Climax” – overcome this special quest to earn the coveted Unity Symbol. This item can be used to craft a variety of unique gear (including a Hammer and some Palico sets), and upgrade several special collaboration weapons into Master Rank.

Appreciation Fest and Grand Appreciation Fest are live now until February 13th at 3:59pm PST (23:59 GMT)

Have fun, Sapphire Stars!

Modo Free Style confirmado em DMC3SE para Switch

Como você já deve saber, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition chegará ao Nintendo Switch em 20 de fevereiro… E você também deve ter ouvido do produtor Matt Walker que estamos preparando alguns extras nesta versão do jogo. Agora é a hora de começar a apresentar esses novos recursos e ver como eles mudarão a maneira como você joga essa obra-prima dos jogos de ação!

Apresentando o novo recurso # 1: Mudança de estilo!

Devil May Cry 3 foi o primeiro da série a introduzir o Sistema de Estilo, permitindo escolher entre 6 estilos diferentes (4 iniciais e 2 desbloqueados depois) no início de cada Missão ou em uma Estátua da Divindade. O Sistema de Estilo foi lançado em alta velocidade em Devil May Cry 4, que introduziu a troca de estilo dinâmica durante o combate com um clique de cada um dos botões do d-pad. Como sabemos que o DMC3 Special Edition ocupa um lugar especial no coração de todos, decidimos torná-lo ainda mais eSSSpecial no desta vez e pegamos emprestado esse novo truque do DMC4.

A mudança de estilo em DMC3 Special Edition para Switch funcionará exatamente como você esperava. Pressione cima para Trickster, baixo para Royal Guard, esquerda para Gunslinger e direita para Swordmaster. Para os estilos especiais desbloqueados mais tarde no jogo, será necessário um rápido toque duplo. Para Doppelganger, esquerda duas vezes e, para Quicksilver, direita duas vezes.

Aprimorar os quatro estilos principais também é semelhante à versão original do DMC3, mas com a vantagem adicional de poder trabalhar os estilos quase simultaneamente!

E continue ligado! Em 30 de janeiro e 13 de fevereiro revelaremos os outros recursos extras.

Mantenha o eSSStilo!

Resident Evil 3 – Mais detalhes dos heróis, vilões e… Nemesis!

Nemesis, a monstruosidade enorme que persegue Jill pelas ruas de Raccoon City com a missão de aniquilá-la, pode ser um dos vilões mais emblemáticos dos videogames. Com a história de sobrevivência de Jill em Resident Evil 3 sendo reconstruída a partir do zero para os consoles modernos, vamos dar uma olhada mais de perto nos emblemáticos personagens dessa aventura.



Os fãs de longa data do jogo original não precisam de introdução ao que é Nemesis, mas aqueles de vocês que fizeram sua primeira viagem a Raccoon City com o Resident Evil 2 do ano passado podem estar mais familiarizados com a Bioarma Orgânica (BOW) que a Nemesis. Enquanto Tyrant foi enviado pela Umbrella para erradicar quaisquer sobreviventes que ainda restavam em Raccoon City, Nemesis tem um papel mais focado. Sua missão singular é eliminar todos os membros da S.T.A.R.S. ainda na cidade, e isso inclui Jill Valentine.

Ao contrário da série Tyrant e seu talento para derrotar pessoas, Nemesis tem algumas melhorias de combate que a diferenciam, tornando-a um inimigo muito mais mortal. Maior inteligência e capacidade de usar armas se combinam para formar um monstro que pode tomar suas próprias decisões sobre como abordar qualquer missão – e quais armas serão usadas para atingir esses objetivos. Como se isso não fosse ruim o suficiente para Jill, Nemesis também possui incríveis capacidades de cura, tornando praticamente impossível derrotá-lo. Não importa quantas vezes você derrube o Nemesis, ele voltará com um tentáculo pronto para atacar.

Tentáculos? SIM. Nemesis pode enviar esses apêndices viscosos para atingir alvos à distância ou pegar algo – digamos, um membro da S.T.A.R.S. tentando escapar de seu alcance mortal. Você terá que agir rápido se quiser sobreviver.


O infame Hunter (“Caçador”) é exatamente o que diz na lata, um B.O.W. que caça presas sem piedade. Introduzido pela primeira vez no Resident Evil original, Hunters são B.O.W.s conhecidos por pular no ar para fazer um ataque mortal usando suas garras afiadas. Os Hunters libertados em Raccoon City são menos propensos a pular, preferindo movimentos reptilianos que os tornam muito mais difíceis de detectar.



Um membro do U.B.C.S., Carlos é um mercenário que foi destacado ao lado de sua unidade para encontrar e resgatar sobreviventes do surto em Raccoon City. Embora ele pareça ter uma atitude descuidada quando se depara com Jill, Carlos é altamente motivado a salvar os necessitados, e frequentemente mergulha de cabeça em perigo. Colocando sua experiência em guerra e proficiência em armas em bom uso, Carlos constantemente coloca sua vida em risco para ajudar os outros.

Você jogará como Carlos em vários pontos da história. Seu ponto de vista oferece uma perspectiva diferente sobre os eventos à medida que eles se desenrolam e fornecem detalhes adicionais sobre o porquê do U.B.C.S. ter sido enviado pra começo de conversa.


Um dos poucos membros remanescentes do U.B.C.S. enviados para Raccoon City. Com experiência no Spetsnaz, Nicholai é frio, calculista e conhecido por colocar a autopreservação e a sobrevivência acima de tudo… Não importa qual seja o custo para os outros. Sem pensar duas vezes sobre suas ações, Nicholai fará o que for necessário para completar sua missão.


Um comandante do U.B.C.S. com uma longa história de experiência militar russa, Mikhail é respeitado por suas habilidades de liderança entre os mercenários do U.B.C.S. Apesar de sofrer uma lesão grave em um ataque que deixou seu pelotão em ruínas, Mikhail continua fazendo o possível para ajudar e proteger os sobreviventes de Raccoon City e outros membros do pelotão, na esperança de traçar uma rota de fuga para evacuar aqueles que sobreviveram ao pesadelo até agora.


Veterano experiente no campo de batalha, Tyrell é um excelente hacker que é particularmente hábil em desabilitar sistemas de segurança e quebrar computadores. Ele se destaca pelo apoio nas linhas de trás, complementando a atitude entusiasmada de Carlos quando os dois se unem em busca de sobreviventes em Raccoon City.


Um ex-membro do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais dos EUA com um passado sombrio, Murphy ingressou no U.B.C.S. devido a suas habilidades excepcionais como atirador de elite. Infelizmente, acabou ferido durante um encontro com um zumbi, deixando-o vulnerável e limitado em suas capacidades de combate.



Um dos poucos sobreviventes do Incidente das Mansões nas Montanhas Arklay, Brad é um experiente piloto de helicóptero e membro da S.T.A.R.S. Ele também ganhou um apelido infeliz por sua tendência a correr ao primeiro sinal de perigo, embora possam ter sido esses instintos que o ajudaram a sobreviver ao caos em Raccoon City até agora. Aliás, Brad também estava ajudando Jill em sua investigação das atividades ilícitas da Umbrella.


Cidadão de Raccoon City, Dario estava escondido em um armazém na parte alta da cidade. Infelizmente, Dario viu coisas que ninguém deveria testemunhar quando sua família foi atacada por zumbis, e isso o fez desconfiar de todos – incluindo Jill. Provavelmente traumatizado, Dario não tem intenção de tentar escapar da cidade.

Teremos mais para compartilhar nas próximas semanas. Fique de olho em nossos canais sociais para obter as últimas notícias! Resident Evil 3 chegará ao PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC via Steam a partir de 3 de abril de 2020, e inclui Resident Evil Resistance, um jogo cooperativo assimétrico 4 x 1 ambientado no universo de Resident Evil.

Keep it Stylish with Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition’s new Free Style mode for the Nintendo Switch version

As you may know already, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 20… and you may also have heard from producer Matt Walker that we’re packing a couple of little extra “somethings” in this version of the game. Now’s time to start unveiling these new features and see how they’ll change the way you play this masterpiece action game!

Introducing new feature #1: Style Switching!

Devil May Cry 3 was the first in the series to introduce the Style System, allowing you to pick between 6 different styles (4 to start, and 2 unlocked later) at the start of each Mission or at a Divinity Statue. The Style System was kicked into high gear in Devil May Cry 4, which introduced dynamic Style Switching during combat with a click of each of the d-pad buttons. Since we know DMC3 Special Edition holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, we set out to make it even extra SSSpecial this time around, and borrowed that new trick from DMC4.

Switch to Gunslinger in mid-air and rain down bullets on unsuspecting demons.

Style Switching in DMC3 Special Edition (Nintendo Switch) will work just like you’d expect. Press UP for Trickster, DOWN for Royal Guard, LEFT for Gunslinger and RIGHT for Swordmaster. For the special styles unlocked later in the game, it’ll require a quick double-tap of specific buttons. For Doppelganger, double-tap LEFT, and for Quicksilver, double-tap RIGHT.

Leveling up the main 4 styles is also akin to the original DMC3 release, but with the added advantage that you can work on leveling up multiple styles almost simultaneously!

Pretty neat, right? If you want to see this in action, tune in to our live stream TOMORROW, January 16 at Twitch.tv/CapcomUSA starting at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT. check out our live stream recording here:

And friendly reminder to keep January 30th and February 13th marked on your calendars for the next extra feature reveals.

Switch to Swordmaster to perform unique attacks from your melee weapons.

Keep it SSStylish!

Learn more about Resident Evil 3’s Heroes, Villains, and Nemesis

Nemesis, the hulking monstrosity that chases Jill throughout the streets of Raccoon City with a single-minded mission of terminating his target, may be one of the most iconic villains in video games. With Resident Evil 3 and Jill’s story of survival being rebuilt from the ground up for modern consoles, we’re taking a closer look at her pursuer, Nemesis, as well as others who have managed to survive the nightmare of Raccoon City so far. Hit the jump for a new trailer and more information on the additional cast you’ll encounter in Resident Evil 3 when it comes to PS4, XB1, and PC on April 3rd, 2020.


Long-time fans of the original game need no introduction to what Nemesis is, but those of you who took your first trip to Raccoon City with last year’s Resident Evil 2 may be more familiar with the Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) that Nemesis is based off of: Tyrant, otherwise known as Mr. X. While Tyrant was sent in by the Umbrella Corporation to eradicate any survivors left in Raccoon City, Nemesis serves a more focused role. Its singular mission is to eliminate any members of the dwindling S.T.A.R.S. team still in the city, and that includes Jill Valentine.

Unlike the Tyrant series and its knack for punching people, Nemesis has some combat enhancements that set it apart, making it a far more deadly foe as a result. Higher intelligence and the ability to use weapons combine to form a monster that can make its own decisions on how to approach any mission – and what weapons it will use to achieve those goals. As if that wasn’t bad enough for Jill, Nemesis also has incredible healing capabilities, making defeating it virtually impossible. No matter how many times you take Nemesis down, it gets right back up with a tentacle ready to strike.

Oh yeah. Did we mention the tentacles? Nemesis can send out these slimy appendages to strike targets from a distance, or to grab something to pull back towards it – say, a member of S.T.A.R.S. trying to escape its deadly grasp. However you decide to approach (or run from) this unrelenting creature, you’ll have to act fast if you want to survive.

The infamous Hunter is just what it says on the tin, a B.O.W. that mercilessly hunts down prey. First introduced in the original Resident Evil, Hunters are a mutated, reptile-like B.O.W. generally known for leaping through the air to deliver a deadly strike using their razor-sharp claws. The Hunters released in Raccoon City are less prone to leaping, preferring reptilian movements that make them much harder to pin down.


A member of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, or U.B.C.S., Carlos is a mercenary who’s been deployed alongside his unit to find and rescue survivors of the outbreak in Raccoon City. While he may seem to have a cavalier attitude when he first comes across Jill, Carlos is highly driven to save those in need, and will often dive head-first into danger. Putting his background in guerilla warfare and proficiency with weaponry to good use, Carlos constantly puts his life on the line to assist others.

You’ll be playing as Carlos at various points throughout the story, providing more background on Carlos himself. His viewpoint offers a different perspective on events as they unfold, and provides additional details on why U.B.C.S. was dispatched to Raccoon City to begin with.

He is one of the few remaining members of the U.B.C.S. platoon sent into Raccoon City. With a background in the Spetsnaz, Nicholai is cold and calculating, well-known for putting self-preservation and survival above all else … no matter what the cost may be to others. Not one to think twice about his actions, Nicholai will do anything it takes to complete his mission.

A Commander of U.B.C.S. with a long history of Russian military experience, Mikhail is respected for his leadership abilities among the mercenaries of the U.B.C.S. Despite suffering a serious injury in an attack that left his platoon in shambles, Mikhail continues to do what he can to assist and protect the survivors of Raccoon City as well as other members of his platoon, hoping to plot an escape route out of the city to evacuate those that have survived the nightmare so far.

A seasoned veteran of the battlefield, Tyrell is an excellent hacker who is particularly skilled at disabling security and cracking computer systems. He excels at support from the back lines, complementing Carlos’s gung-ho attitude when the two of them are teamed up in search of survivors in Raccoon City.

A former member of the U.S. Marine Corps with a murky past, Murphy joined U.B.C.S. due to his exceptional skills as a sniper. Unfortunately, at some point he ended up wounded during an encounter with a zombie, leaving him vulnerable and limited in his combat capabilities.


One of the few survivors of the Mansion Incident in the Arklay Mountains, Brad is a skilled helicopter pilot and a member of S.T.A.R.S. Rear Security. He’s also earned an unfortunate nickname for his tendency to run at the first sign of danger, though it may have been those instincts that have helped him survive the chaos in Raccoon City so far. Incidentally, Brad was also assisting Jill with her investigation into Umbrella’s illicit activities.

A citizen of Raccoon City, Dario has been hiding out in a warehouse in uptown. Sadly, Dario saw things nobody should have to witness when his family was attacked by zombies, and it’s made him wary of trusting anyone – including Jill. Likely traumatized by what he’s experienced, Dario has no intention of trying to escape the city.

We’ll have more to share over the next several weeks, so be sure to check back and keep an eye on Resident Evil social channels for all the latest news! Resident Evil 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on April 3rd, 2020, and includes Resident Evil Resistance, a 4 vs. 1 asymmetrical co-op game set in the Resident Evil universe.

The Saikyo Dojo has a new sensei, Dan Louie!

Hey all! My name is Dan, and I’m here to invite you all to my Saikyo Dojo! Just kidding… although I am named Dan after all! I am the new Social Media & Community Specialist at Capcom U.S.A. and will be in charge of looking after Street Fighter here. Here’s a little background about myself:

I have been a gamer since I was 3 years old and have worked in the gaming industry for over 10 years across several different jobs. I’m also an avid Street Fighter player and have been playing the series since I was a young lad in the arcades during the 90s to the present day. I’ve always enjoyed Street Fighter on a competitive level and have participated in various tournaments throughout the years. While I will be retiring from the competitive scene with my new position here at Capcom, I am super excited to now be working directly with the brilliant minds behind Street Fighter! My character mains have varied throughout the games, such as Rose, Seth, and Hakan in Ultra Street Fighter IV and Laura in Street Fighter V. My taste in main characters seems to change over time and with each game, so I suppose you can consider me an eclectic player.

I’m also a huge fan of Capcom’s other brands such as Monster HunterAce Attorney and Mega Man. In addition to gaming tournaments, I like to attend many gaming and anime conventions, and of course, play many kinds of games. Other than fighting games, I also play FPS games like Overwatch as well as mobile card games like Shadowverse and Teppen.

I am looking forward to working with the Street Fighter team and I can’t wait to get to know all of you as I spread the Saikyo ways (and my love of Street Fighter) all over the world!


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